January 21, 2023

Top Low Code/ No Code Influencers

Low code/ No Code technology is fairly new, hence it is booming faster than anyone would’ve expected. It’s necessary to follow the right Low Code/ No Code influencers of the industry to stay updated about it.  By 2024, low-code technology will be responsible for more than 65% of application development activity. Globally, the low-code development platform market is predicted to generate a revenue of $187 billion by 2030 resulting in rising of $10 billion in 2019. Furthermore, it is expected to advance at a fast pace, 31% CAGR, during the forecast period. By 2024, 75% of large enterprises will be using at least four low-code development tools for both IT application development and citizen development initiatives. 

As a rookie in this industry where everyone is talking about it and everyone has their views and opinions on it and gets a bit overwhelming as all the new information comes rushing onto you.

One of the best ways to enter and systematically gain knowledge is to follow the right influencers of the community, one’s who have been playing this game for a long time and through that experience have gained valuable insights which would be a huge help.

Follow Right People

Here’s a list of top influencers of the low-code market whom you can follow, they are roughly divided into 3 categories

  1. Community leaders
  2. Low code/No code creators
  3. Educating in Low code/No code

Remember low-code has a lot of branches people can venture into. This is not a very strict categorization and people in it just don’t influence through that particular category. Here are the top Low-code No-code influencers you need to follow immediately:


Low code/ No code Community Leaders


  1. Joshua Tiernan

Joshua Tiernan 

If you have any interest in no code you have heard about the community No Code Founders. It’s one of the biggest communities in this industry with 8000+ members and it was founded by Joshua Tiernan.  He has done remarkable work by creating and launching several projects like remotecircle.com,  ernestly.co,  makrs.io,  nocodejobs.co,  nocodemeetups.co, openstacks.co

Find him at:

JT ☕️ (@Joshua_Tiernan)

Joshua Tiernan – Founder – No Code Founders


  1. Karthik Puvvada (KP)Karthik Puvvada

Often known as KP, Karthik is a no-code builder, community leader, writer, and podcast host. He’s currently the Program Director of No-Code Fellowship at On Deck. His two newsletters are

  1. Build In Public: Creators who take an audience-first approach in building products this newsletter focuses on them.
  2. Keep Up With KP: It is his hand-picked collection of essay excerpts, tweets, and products that educate founders and makers on how to build leverage on the Internet and create communities.

Find him at:


KP (@thisiskp_)


  1. Philip Lakin
    Philip Lakin

He is co-founder and CEO of  NoCode Ops which is a community dedicated to operations professionals that are leveraging no code to reimagine the future of internal innovation.

He has also taken over NoCodeCoffee Newsletter. Also, he is also co-founder and CEO of Propulsion Labs. They build sites and apps that make their clients very successful. 

Find him at: 

Philip Lakin (@PhilipLakin)

Philip Lakin – Founder – No Code Ops 


  1. Kieran Kieran 

He is a founder and no code maker. He recently founded Launch MBA, a community of motivated makers learning to build profitable online businesses. 

Launch MBA allows people to launch 12 products in 12 months each with different complexity and size. Finally, there is no prerequisite of any technical background since all products are built using no-code tools. 

Find him at:

Kieran ? 2021 goal: Build a SaaS with #nocode (@nocodelife) 


Low code/ No Code Creators


  1. Janel Janel 

She is one of the most inspirational makers, marketers, and writers out there. Her forte is finding business ideas, making them into products fast, and building them in public. 

She is the brains behind the hit product Newsletter OS, a notion dashboard that helps you curate, write, and grow your newsletter. Her hands are deep into the low code/no code industry, as she:

  1. Runs Ops at On Deck’s No-Code Fellowship
  2. Writes a newsletter for curious called BrainPint
  3. Alongside Joseph Kaplan created another notion resource called Podcast OS

Find her at:

Janel (@JanelSGM)

Janel Loi – No-Code Associate – On Deck


  1. Noel Lorenz  Noel Lorenz

He’s the Co-Founder & CEO of Nocode HQ which is a community where no code enthusiasts and learners can build apps, showcase their creations and can post questions, and have discussions. 

He’s also the co-founder of ShoutOut.de. He is one of the most popular influencers in the community and has been a guest in no code/low code podcasts

Find him at:

Noel Lorenz (@nllorenz)


  1. Sisa Lleses        Sisa Lleses 

She heads an all-women crew for all women founders called design off the boat. She is a maker and her products focus more on social impact. Her work and creations enable no code makers and designers to ship products fast. Her workshops are a great help for no coder beginners.

Find her at:

Sisa Lleses (@stickysisa)


  1. Nile Frater          Nile Frater 

He is the managing director at NoCode.Tech is one of the best directories of tools and resources for non-techies who want to build, without code. He focuses on helping non-techies start their businesses and making it easier for them to learn essential coding concepts that grow the power of no-code tools.  

Find him at:

Nile (@Nile)

Nile Frater  


Educating in Low code/No code


  1. Max Haining                                  Max Haining

He is the founder of 100DaysOfNoCode to help people accelerate their no code learning journey and achieve their goals. 100DaysOfNoCode is an educational platform and online learning community that helps people build websites, apps, software, and efficiency-saving workflows without code. He hosts regular AMA where he brings in top experts to talk about new creations in the community and related products.

 Find him at:

Max Haining ? (@HainingMax)

 Max H. – Founder – 100DaysOfNoCode


  1. Lacey Kesler                    Lacey Kesler

Lacey Kesler is the founder of Women in No-Code, a community focused on empowering and equipping women in their no-code journey.  Moreover, she is also a co-founder of Visual Dev Co., a training and education platform for no-code. As well as a co-founder in Visual, a freelancer marketplace. 

Further, she is also head of education at AdaloHQ. Her forte is to work with startups to craft their products and is passionate about educating people on using no-code solutions.

 Find her at:

Lacey (@LaceyKesler)

Lacey Kesler – Head Of Education – Adalo 


  1. Madhuri                                                Madhuri 

She is a maker and the Co-founder of Xperian & Nocolo.co which allows you to write any code, they are currently in private beta mode so you might have to join the waitlist. 

She is also a podcast host at Hireworthyas well as currently, she is building internal & external systems for Xperian. She’s already shipped 30+ No Code projects since 2018.

 Find her at:

Madhuri ? (@Iruhdam24)


  1. Tara Reed                                              Tara Reed 

She is the CEO of Apps Without Code which is an online school that teaches people how to build apps without knowing to code and make money from the same. She aims at creating more opportunities for women in the industry.  

Find her at:

Tara Reed (@TaraReed_)


  1. Ben Tossell                                      Ben Tossell 

He is the Founder & CEO of Makerpad which teaches the easiest way to build without code, it has tutorials and templates so people who don’t know how to code can also create applications. He is a pioneer and expert leader in the no-code space.

 Find him at:

Ben Tossell (@bentossell)

Ben Tossell – Founder – Makerpad 


  1. Colin Winhall Colin Winhall 

He is a maker and no code evangelist. Also, he’s the founder of Core Digital and Haystack News. Even more, he launched 13 personal side projects till now from which 9 are still running. 

Find him at:

Colin Winhall (@colinwinhall)

Colin Winhall – Customer Experience Manager – Adalo 


To learn more about the low code/no code community check out: DronaHQ

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