Spreadsheet vs Database

Why your Excel needs an upgrade

Don’t get bogged down with large amounts of data in your spreadsheets. DronaHQ Database makes it so much easier to store unlimited amounts of data, manage it, and search and retrieve it whenever you need.

Easily create and manage unlimited rows and columns.
Granular permissions
Control can be assigned to members or teams at database levels.
Audit trail
Audit trails that track all user or team actions in your database.
Allow multiple users to work on a database simultaneously.
Integrate your data with other tools through robust APIs
Connect sheets
Capture the dynamic relationship between rows and tables
Frontend development
Build frontend on top of database using low-code platform.
Connection strings (Coming soon)

Use database outside of DronaHQ

Access your PostgreSQL database effortlessly with connection strings. Simplify the process of connecting to your database from various applications and environments, ensuring seamless integration and data accessibility.

Environments (Coming soon)

Ensure seamless migration of schemas across various environments, guaranteeing safe deployment of changes from development to production with DronaHQ’s automated database setup.

Manage schemas (Coming soon)

Effortlessly manage schema alterations, utilizing DronaHQ’s inclusive schema migration tools to develop, preview, and synchronize changes for smooth integration into production databases.

DronaHQ Database
Ready to setup your database?

Organize all your data and turn those spreadsheets into smart database apps. Unlimited rows and columns. Get 1 GB / month FREE.

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