Enhancing automation efficiency with customizable HTTP response in webhook

DronaHQ’s automation add-on empowers both developers and non-developers to effortlessly create custom automation solutions. Whether it’s handling cron ....

Feedback System

Top 9 360-degree feedback system

The Shift to Employee-Sourced Feedback A vast majority of HR leaders are working to fix their performance management strategies. While companies have addressed poor performance results by reinventing their performance management process, they ....

Low Code

Pricing the Low code tooling stack

Pricing has always been a very tricky question. If you would ask Pierre de Fermat – it would seem like an optimisation problem to him. And I would imagine the lawyer cum mathematician would plot price paid vs value derived by the customer on a ....

Form Builder

Guide to building web forms in 2023

Chapter 1: Introduction to forms What are web forms? Web forms are the unsung heroes of the digital age, serving as the backbone for acquiring valuable information in countless fields and industries.  Whether you’re signing up for a ....

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