November 18, 2022

Top 7 MongoDB Clients you should know about in 2024


MongoDB, a NoSQL database, is a source-available cross-platform document-oriented database program. Popular in the developer community because of the flexibility it provides, MongoDB uses JSON-like documents with optional schemas.

The command line is the default interface for MongoDB. And working with MongoDB through the command line is not exactly a cakewalk. Document DBs work through nested key-value pairs instead of relational tables and columns. You’re going to need to parse data for your front end eventually, and with document DBs, your data is already stored in the right format. So, here is a list of the most popular MongoDB management tools with Interfaces for reading from and writing to your MongoDB clusters.

Mongo shell

The Mongo shell gives the most basic way to access MongoDB. You can use the Mongo shell to execute admin operations in addition to querying and updating data. 

Mongo shell is included in the MongoDB server installation, so if you are comfortable with shell commands, you are all set.

MongoDB GUI Client

While you can continue to query your Mongo data exclusively from the command line, GUIs have proved to be a helpful alternative by providing a better user interface. 

MongoDB GUIs give users the ability to interact with the MongoDB database, visualize data, edit queries, and more without having to use the command line. 

The best one for you will depend on the scope of your project, the features you need, and your budget. But in the end, the best will be the one you like. 

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1. MongoDB Compass

MongoDB Compass is an effective GUI tool from the makers of MongoDB. It provides a graphical view of your Mongo database without you having to learn query languages. No need to write a command line. It also analyses documents and displays rich structures inside this intuitive GUI. You can write JSON Schema validation rules using an editor that suggests BSON data types and validation keywords as you write.

MongoDB Compass GUI

Compass MongoDB Client Best Features: 

  1. Fully featured Compass GUI is completely free for everyone to use
  2. Open-source repo on GitHub
  3. Schema visualization to better understand datasets
  4. Easy approach to perform CRUD operations from the user interface
  5. Quick insight into server status and query performance 
  6. Easy to make decisions about indexing, document validation
  7. API to add plugins that can generate data for testing, and inspect database users. You can build your own using their plugin template for any extra features.

MongoDB GUI with low code

2. Robo 3T (formerly Robomongo)

Robo 3T is one of the most popular GUI for MongoDB users. 

Robo3T MongoDB GUI

It is a lightweight, open-source tool that has cross-platform support. Robo 3T embeds the Mongo shell within its interface to provide both shell and GUI-based interaction. It is developed by the team behind Studio 3T, the IDE for MongoDB – 3T Software. 

Robo 3T MongoDB GUI Best Features: 

  1. The embedded shell provides increased functionality as it works directly with MongoDB
  2. Asynchronous, non-blocking UI
  3. Supports MongoDB 4.0
  4. Useful runtime autocomplete feature that works through an internal virtual machine.
  5. Operations are executed asynchronously so users get a faster UI that does not block them from working by freezing up
  6. A large community of users, plenty of tutorials, guides, and forums to get support


3. Studio 3T (formerly MongoChef)

Studio 3T is a power-packed cross-platform IDE (integrated development environment) specially designed for MongoDB users. Owned by the 3T Software Labs, this MongoDB GUI tool lets you directly write SQL queries (similar to NoSQL Booster). It is a rather professional version of Robo 3T (also owned by 3T software labs).

Studio3T MongoDB GUI

The high volume of query methods (including less “technical” ones) makes Studio 3T usable for anyone, no matter their familiarity with document-based databases, query languages, or command lines. 

Studio 3T also sports IntelliShell, a built-in Mongo shell with autocomplete features that supports Javascript standard library functions, collection and field names, operators, and methods.

Studio 3T MongoDB GUI Best Features: 

  1. Three ways to view data: Tree, Table, and JSON. The tree view displays data into expandable hierarchies, suitable for large and deeply nested documents
  2. Export queries in Node.js, Python, Java, C#, PHP and Ruby, and Mongo shell language using the Code generation tool
  3. Data importer works with SQL and Oracle
  4. Autocomplete queries with IntelliShell
  5. Drag and drop fields to visually build queries
  6. Use SQL, with INNER and OUTER joins, to query MongoDB
  7. Secure connections for single MongoDB instances and replica sets


4. NoSQLBooster

NoSQLBooster is a shell-centric MongoDB GUI with a built-in script debugger, SQL query, server monitoring, and true IntelliSense.

NoSQLBooster MongoDB GUI

Similar to Studio 3T’s IntelliShell, NoSQL Booster’s IntelliSense language service appears as a tooltip while you type to suggest completions, methods, properties, variables, keywords, collection names, field names, and operators.

NoSQLBooster MongoDB GUI Best Features: 

  1. SQL query builder lets you query your collections using SQL query language
  2. Import Node.js modules like lodash, bluebird, ShellJS, or moment.js within the shell using the Shell extensions
  3. A Log Parser allows you to filter and analyze your MongoDB logs
  4. Supports Mongoose-like fluent query builder API
  5. Rich performance monitoring and analysis tools
  6. Query code generator that allows users to translate MongoDB queries to various target languages: MongoDB Shell, JavaScript (Node.js), Java, C#, Python, PHP, Ruby, and Golang.

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5. is a powerful online MongoDB GUI that goes beyond the classic MongoDB GUI. It offers a fully-fledged online admin interface creation tool with an intuitive UI even for non-technical users. Since it offers an online interface, you can invite people to collaborate with you from the app and access the app from any end-user device – mobile, tablet, laptop.

Humongous MongoDB GUI MongoDB GUI Best Features: 

  1. Smart filters to display collections as chips that enable quicker access
  2. Comes with a Charts and Dashboard creation tool to track critical metrics
  3. A widget system to customize how data is displayed. Widgets pull data from reference collections (clickable URLs, formatted numbers, image previews…)
  4. You can access your data through this GUI anywhere, even on mobile devices 
  5. Smart Search feature lets you search your database with just keywords
  6. Display specialized data using layout widgets, an alternative to the default table view


6. NoSQL Manager

NoSQL Manager is a MongoDB GUI tool that merges the power of shell with an intuitive user interface. NoSQL Manager supports all the MongoDB and MongoDB Enterprise features, making it easy to navigate, view, and update documents. You can use this GUI to effectively manage collections, users, roles, and functions. It also saves time for database developers and administrators.

NoSQL Manager MongoDB GUI

NoSQL Manager MongoDB GUI Best Features: 

  1. It is a fully-featured GUI with autocomplete and syntax highlighting support 
  2. Easy-to-use document viewer. Tree, table, and JSON view modes in the editor
  3. Support replica sets, shared clustered connections, and standalone hosts
  4. NoSQL manager offers SSH tunneling
  5. File Manager Tool to work with GridFS
  6. Import tables from MySQL and SQL Server databases
  7. Multiple Mongo host database connections
  8. Export documents to CSV, XML, XLSX, and JSON file formats


7. DronaHQ

DronaHQ is a web-based low-code internal tool builder to create internal tools like GUIs, Admin Panels, Dashboards, and custom apps. 

DronaHQ MongoDB GUI Builder

Thanks to a WYSIWYG UI editor and pre-built UI controls, you can create full-featured MongoDB GUIs, perform CRUD operations, and connect to anything with a REST or GraphQL API. 

  1. Easily connect to MongoDB data in a couple of clicks
  2. Visual builder is easy to learn. Reusable controls like charts, table grids, lists, detailed views, buttons, form fields, and custom UI controls further save time spent in designing the perfect user interface 
  3. A visual query builder to query your SQL/NoSQL databases when you need server-side filtering based on criteria defined at run time.
  4. Built once, you can access your database GUI from any end-user portal. 
  5. Support unlimited users in the starter and business (user-based) pricing plans
  6. interact with data, filter rows, sort rows, edit
  7. If you need to share the tool/app with more end-users, you can grant role-based access permissions to control who has view rights, edit rights, delete permissions, and so on.


Best MongoDB GUI for Your Project

The best MongoDB GUI client for you depends on what you’re trying to accomplish, your comfort with writing queries and command lines, and your team. If you want to completely avoid the command line, MongoDB’s Compass is probably the most appropriate natively integrated GUI out there. If you want a simple application that has a well-supported community, Robo 3T is the best GUI. Studio 3T will be the right upgrade if you are experienced and looking to work with an advanced Robo 3T. If you’re familiar with SQL and want to keep writing queries in everyone’s favorite query language, NoSQLBooster is the way to go if you’re looking to easily and quickly build a custom MongoDB GUI that can be shared with teams to securely interact with your Mongo data visually, check out DronaHQ.

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