June 08, 2020

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Secure your Workplace with Visitor Management System post COVID-19


For workplaces, the virus has made it imperative to restrict person-to-person contact and possible incidents of transmission. It has naturally escalated fears and concerns when it comes to how companies will handle visitors.

Slowly businesses are returning to track amidst COVID-19. It is essential and an issue of great importance to safeguarding their employees from any outbreak that could happen inside an organization.

The screening and tracking of employees are easy. But what about the visitors who are visiting the premises from outside. As visitors are the one who brings business to the organization so, it is a matter of great concern about how you are going to manage them and how you are going to control their entry into the office.

There is a critical need to take precautions during these challenges. Besides handling such unanticipated catastrophes, businesses need an effective method to communicate health and safety practices to visitors.

A contactless visitor management system can enforce health and safety laws quickly and efficiently — before visitors can walk onto the premises.


How a contactless visitor management system can ensure the safety of employees and visitors?

There is still a huge influx of people in and out of the workplace, and keeping track of who’s in and out of the door becomes more important.

With the help of the visitor management system appointments and meetings could be pre-scheduled so that visitors need not reach out to the reception desk for making appointments and scheduling meetings.

At times like these, a contactless visitor management solution becomes critical to keep the work environment safe and secure and not let employees and other stakeholders be exposed to any potential transmissions while being at work. You can go virus-free  by incorporating features like:



  1. Digital Check-in Check-in with the help of a mobile app. Filling out the mobile forms for taking appointments rather than visiting the reception desk and manually filling paper forms reduces the risk of spread due to the contactless application for scheduling appointments.
    Visitors are required to enter their name, hostname, mobile no., email, and capture their image to fill out the form which is followed by the generation of QR code or appointment letter that could be scanned or shown at reception for taking entry into the company’s premises.
  2. Host Notification After a successful digital check-in, a notification will be sent to the host as well as the visitor via email or SMS. Notification regarding appointment date, time, information about the visitor, and the purpose of the visit will be sent to the host.
  3. Send Invitations Send invitations to your visitors to schedule an appointment. Send the appointment time, venue, and host details to your visitors. Ask for approval from visitors as a confirmation to schedule a meeting and send the notifications to them before the meeting to avoid delays.
  4. Maintain visitors health logs Create customized forms for visitors to capture their health logs. Ask your visitors to fill the self-declaration form to check for any illness or any suspicious travel history before allowing them to book an appointment. Maintain a record of your visitors in a digital database that can be accessed whenever required.
  5. E-badges Automatically generate and send digital pass/ e-badges to the visitors which contains the image of the visitor adds as an additional layer to the authentication process and makes the identification process effortless.
  6. Approve/Disapprove Visitor The host can approve/disapprove any meeting with the visitor. The host can reschedule the meeting to a different date or time according to the convenience of the guest and can send a custom message to the visitor.
  7. Feedback Ask your visitors to digitally fill the feedback form after the meeting giving the explanation of the experience on their visit which could be used to draw insights and update your visitor management solutions in the future.


Centralize your visitor’s information in one place with DronaHQ

In the time of COVID-19 when social distancing has become a norm, managing visitors to the company is of the utmost importance. 

Effectively monitor and manage who is visiting your premises with the help of a mobile app. Digitally empower your business with the visitor management system that eliminates the manual workflow and human to human contact from scheduling appointments to arranging meetings.

Have access to the dashboard to configure and customize the registration and Check-in process. Have access to the visitor’s logs over the dashboard for better analysis and access the full information of every visitor who visited the premises.

The visitor management app once developed could be deployed in the Web, iOS, and Android and can be accessed by smartphone, tablet, or web browser. Give your visitors a professional and interactive experience with the help of no-code remote working solutions provided by DronaHQ and have an edge over your competitors by leveraging the digital solutions to protect the well-being of employees and visitors.

Get started now.


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