April 07, 2020

Coronavirus News App — Stay safe, Stay informed

For your self-quarantining and remote working employees, here is an app to help them stay prepared and informed at all times.


The app, developed by our one of our home-quarantined no-coder and project manager Darshan Jadhav, holds real-time information on COVID-19 tips, global current stats and geographic/state-wise actual stats for the employees to stay informed and not fall prey to false information on social media, fake news, or WhatsApp forwards.

The app also aims at augmenting our initiative to help individuals, businesses and government bodies who are actively working on COVID-19 response projects to disseminate correct information to people, facilitate business continuity plans, and set up employee communication and productivity-boosting tools amid the global pandemic.

The app is to support proactively reaching out to and informing app users regarding the risks, best practices pertaining to the containment of COVID-19.

Using this link you can start using the app right away on any device.

Built completely without code, we aim to spread the message that you can too leverage the no-code technology and together we can combat various workplace hiccups, be it for your logistics operations, supply chain management, task management, hr, and payroll, or others.

For more information to build your custom pandemic response systems, please reach out to us at and get free three months of our services to combat this global crisis.

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