September 15, 2021

New Firestore DB Connector, Upload files to Google Cloud Storage and more


New Firestore Database Connector

We have launched a new NoSQL database connector in DronaHQ: Firestore. It is a highly durable database that can scale automatically to handle your application’s load. Build on top of your Firestore data, add queries, inspect collections and documents, and more.

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Upload to Google Cloud Storage

Like AWS S3, you can now upload files to google cloud storage (file storage) as well, with similar features.
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Import open API 3.0/Swagger docs

Now upload a swagger or open API 3.0 JSON file and auto-create APIs once you have added the connector. This will make life easier for developers to add services from established third party SaaS products.

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Major Tablegrid Control Enhancements – Now format data in columns that are dependant on other columns’ values. (This was earlier possible only on the same column value).
The percentage type column now has a new property to show a progress bar.
Row colouring has been added in format data, using this feature you can colour the whole row depending on the values.

(Note: This will be applied first and then the column formatting will override on this. Also, the priority of this is sequential, the first one gets applied first and then the next and so on so forth, this is important when more than 1 condition is TRUE)

GraphQL API Connector Enhancements – 
Users can now see the Schema/introspection on the right panel at the time of configuration. Keyboard shortcuts are now supported to run the query. See suggestions from the introspection inside the query editor. More usability fixes made.

Custom JS block has been added in Actionflow – Now transform the response from connectors or any other blocks/controls directly inside the Actionflow. This will work exactly like transform JS, just that this will run inside the Actionflow.

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