June 29, 2023

What’s new in DronaHQ: June 2023

Presenting the latest update regarding the recent advancements in DronaHQ! Being the leading low-code platform accessible, our ongoing endeavors concentrate on providing you with state-of-the-art tools that streamline your digital projects. This blog entry delves into the recently introduced features and improvements made in June 2023. Whether you’re an experienced user of DronaHQ or embarking on your journey, this article offers a detailed summary of the new additions and their importance to you. Let us begin our exploration!

Platform updates

Introducing SFTP and FTP connector

Immerse yourself in the realm of secure file management on SFTP and FTP servers, where you can confidently upload, download, move, and delete files while ensuring utmost security. Harness the power of the SFTP connector to streamline file transfers, empowering developers to create automation solutions and robust batch processing systems that effectively save time and effort.


Automation 2.0 introduced in Self-hosted

Achieve task automation through scheduled tasks, initiate actions via webhooks, and independently test each action block within your workflow. This enables you to validate and troubleshoot specific actions as needed, ensuring seamless execution of your workflows.


Learn more > https://community.dronahq.com/t/automation-v2-overview/1644

Go global with Localization

Broaden the global impact of your app using the Localization feature! Customize your app to accommodate different languages and cater to a diverse range of audiences. Empower yourself with the ability to personalize prompts, messages, and responses, ensuring a tailored experience for your users.


Learn more > https://community.dronahq.com/t/localization/1651

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