May 09, 2023

Embed new apps and features into your products

Say you are an insurance company, you’ve got your website, your customer onboarding portals, and your web & mobile apps, that work. A new government directive, which requires your customers to fill in extra forms or you see your peers in the industry adding calculators on their website to help clients calculate insurance premiums, or giving their existing customers a self-serve interface to find answers to common queries inside the web portals. 

It’s scenarios like these where you would build the new tool and embed it into your existing product. 

Calculators, self-serve portals, surveys, data capture forms, visualization dashboards – these are all great as individual apps but also as add-ons to your existing products/websites and now with DronaHQ, you can have both in one go and at 10X speed. 

Customers embedding their DronaHQ apps

An ITeS firm working with clients across the globe needed to give additional widgets to its customers. With DronaHQ they easily designed the frontend app, used secure embed capability to pass user identity as SSO tokens and embed the app in their customer portal. Now the app (widget) powers additional functionality for the firm’s customers and it further captures details from the portal into the widget using query parameters that can read the data from outside the embed app. 

And at DronaHQ, we ourselves use the embed app functionality for both internal and external facing operations. For example, the various forms you see across our website – demo requests, trial signup, ROI calculators. Internally we use embed app features to embed one app inside another where the use case demands – like embedding ticket support threads inside our custom CRM for account managers to be on top of open conversations with clients.

How does embedding DronaHQ apps work? 

Cutting-edge embed app features in a low code platform

1. iFrame – You can embed DronaHQ apps in your websites or portals using iFrames. Say embedding a lead capture form on your SaaS website demo page.

2. Secure embed – You can secure the embed that needs to go into portals that are behind a login wall, passing user identity as SSO tokens to the embeddable app. Say adding a new form in your POS systems dashboard for your sales partners to track their goals.

3. UTM tracking You can use query params to set up UTM and other tracking which can pass data from the parent query string to the embed apps. 

Learn about DronaHQ embed capabilities here

We’ve packed embed app functionality to ensure customers achieve:

1. Improved User Experience: By embedding custom apps directly into a website or portal, customers are able to provide a seamless experience for users. This eliminates the need for users to navigate to a separate app or webpage, leading to a more intuitive and efficient user experience.

2. Increased Engagement: Driving user engagement comes easy when users are able to embed custom features for their vendors, partners, employees, and customers. 

3. Streamlined Operations: Embedding apps into a portal or website can also streamline internal operations. For example, a custom app for job scheduling or inventory replenishing could be embedded directly into an internal portal, eliminating the need for employees to switch between different applications.

Create embeddable apps with DronaHQ

With embeddable apps you can embed your custom-built apps into other applications, web pages, and portals, extending the reach and accessibility of your services.

To get started with embeddable apps, check out our docs on how to embed your DronaHQ apps. And as you’re building, please send any feedback or feature requests to us at our forum. 

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