April 11, 2023

Introducing DynamoDB GUI tools to build attractive frontends

DynamoDB is a fully managed proprietary NoSQL database service offered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) that supports key-value and document data structures. It offers reliable performance even as it scales, featuring a small API allowing for simple key-value access and more advanced query patterns.

Doesn’t matter if you are building a basic CRUD interface, a detailed inventory management app, or department-specific internal tools. As a DynamoDB user, you must have felt the need for easy pulling and pushing of data while building apps. 

Join us as we walk you through how you can build custom branded GUI for your DynamoDB data super conveniently and at speed.

Features of DronaHQ for visualizing DynamoDB data

DronaHQ offers powerful pre-built controls, JSON editor, and WYSIWYG UI editor with a REST or GraphQL API to empower users to create full-featured DynamoDB GUI visualization and reporting tools, perform CRUD operation, and so on, saving countless hours of operator and engineering time. DronaHQ’s visual builder is beginner-friendly, offering reusable controls like charts, grids, tables, lists, detailed views, buttons, and form fields to allow businesses to build digital journeys at speed. Here are our top features for visualizing DynamoDB data-

Building the GUI

UI builder to design the GUI

DronaHQ gives you access to over 100+ UI controls to build interactive DynamoDB charts, graphs, tables, lists, and more. Connect directly to your DynamoDB database and effortlessly design and customize your frontend in minutes. Seamlessly pull queries into a text or table component, and add action buttons to write safely to your database.

Feature-rich UI controls

Build a fully featured DynamoGUI and choose over 150+ built-in controls like table grids, charts, dashboards, date time pickers, form controls, and many more that can be added to the app screens.

Adding action flow on button

Execute queries to fetch, update, insert, delete, and gain quick access to your DynamoDB database.  For example, run a query to fetch candidate records or update your sales figure by clicking a button. Developers can easily build complex visualization using Plotly’s JSON schema format with a flexible JSON layout editor.

Setting up DynamoDB as a data source

Ready connector to integrate with DynamoDB

Effortlessly integrate DynamoDB with DronaHQ in a matter of minutes. Sit back and relax as your data never leaves your servers. DronaHQ lets you bind all your data sources on demand whenever your app runs. Our connectors include finding data, scanning data, updating a row, and deleting a row.

Joining other data sources

Join multiple data from multiple databases in a single overview and set different types of app and connector permissions to users as Owner, Editor, Use Only, or None.

Why DronaHQ for your DynamoDB GUI? 

DronaHQ supports an array of functions to let users build stunning DynamoDB UI without any expert intervention- 

Web and mobile apps

Build once and deploy it on both the web and mobile. Use our ready drag-and-drop components over an intuitive visual interface to build highly responsive web and mobile apps on top of your databases and APIs that run on Android and iOS. DronaHQ allows you to query and bind all your data sources along with offline data caching, ensuring your data never leaves the server. Capture rich media files, upload them on the web and mobile apps, and eliminate paperwork at worksites.

Integration to data sources, APIs, and apps

Connect to several data endpoints with DronaHQ’s pre-built connectors to a range of APIs, databases, and third-party apps on the platform according to your needs. Our database and API connectors capture and condense all data, eliminating the need for multiple connectors while providing an active connection to the data from the user’s existing or newer sources. Easily connect DynamoDB to apps like Hubspot, Zendesk, Shopify, and databases like Postgres, Firebase, MySQL, and a lot more.

Frontend logic/events

Build a logic flowchart or code to perform a set of frontend actions unique to your business. DronaHQ lets you visually configure trigger events or actions on the front end and build your custom DynamoDB UI on the screen. You can use the action blocks to validate screens, fire queries into databases, call APIs, send emails and notifications, show toasts, refresh data, and 100+ more actions.

App sharing & permissions

Keep your data security intact and ensure users don’t misuse sensitive information while performing their jobs. DronaHQ features role-based dashboard access or an admin panel that offers login authentication, email verification, user roles, and permissions, and forget/reset/change passwords. Set moderate read, edit, and delete permissions for specific users and share your DynamoDB GUIs with unlimited users.

Build GUI for DynamoDB with DronaHQ

Build stunning internal tools and customize your interface on top of your DynamoDB data faster. DronaHQ connects directly with your DynamoDB data and other databases like PostgreSQL, MYSQL, MS SQL, Oracle DB, MongoDB, and more, allowing users to visualize all data under one GUI while you create and execute queries. Our DynamoDB integration supports query limits, filters, projects, and more to let you experience a seamless app-building journey. Here is what we have to offer-

Dynamic NoSQL Query Builder

Add queries to data sources for controls like Table grid and list controls through a visual query builder control. Query your DynamoDB data when you need server-side filtering based on criteria defined at run time. You can use our query builder control to use the pre-defined operators like equal to, greater than, and smaller than and add custom operators. Our custom operators can be used for customized querying of NoSQL-type data.

User Groups and Permission Management

Sort permissions and views according to role hierarchy, allowing only authorized users to view a particular information set. DronaHQ offers a powerful role-based dashboard access and admin panel control to allow admins to manage user roles while providing the utmost security.

Autogenerate capabilities

No need to build forms from scratch. Drona HQ’s capabilities let you autogenerate forms from your CSV file, JSON data, or with any pre-built UI controls at speed.

Enterprise-grade secure

All our apps and tools are enterprise ready with ISO 27001 and SOC II certifications and battle-tested across large organizations to ensure your data integrity is protected at all times.

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Is DynamoDB SQL or NoSQL?

DynamoDB is a fast, scalable, and flexible cloud-based NoSQL database provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS) that allows developers to store and retrieve any amount of data and serve any level of request traffic. Unlike SQL databases, NoSQL databases like DynamoDB use a variety of different data models, including document, key-value, and wide-column to store and retrieve data.

Can DynamoDB store documents?

DynamoDB can store documents if they are in a format that can be expressed as key-value pairs. One such format is JSON, but the document should be flattened so it can be stored as individual fields in a table, with each field responding to a specific attribute.

When to use DynamoDB GUI?

DynamoDB GUI  is an excellent fit for all sizes of applications, especially if your application needs predictable read and write performance. It is able to survive the biggest traffic spikes due to its automatic scaling capabilities. DynamoDB can be used for a simple key-value store, geographical store, relational data store, caching, workflow engines, and a lot more functions.

Can DynamoDB run on Mac OS?

DynamoDB can run on Mac OS using the DynamoDB local feature which is a version of DynamoDB to run on your computer. You can test and develop your application locally without any charges or internet access. To run it on Mac OS, you have to download the DynamoDB local JAE file and run it on your computer using the Java runtime.

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