December 15, 2023

Introducing DronaHQ-hosted Database

What an enthralling journey it has been for us this year! As we take a moment to reflect on the milestones achieved and the incredible support from our cherished customers and the vibrant community of developers, we’re thrilled to unveil something that truly marks the next level of innovation on our platform. Introducing the all-new DronaHQ Database: Power of SQL, simplicity of spreadsheet, high speed all the way!


  1. Built on PostgreSQL offering a secure solution for storing and managing data.
  2. Spreadsheet-like interface for interacting with data, allowing users to add, edit, delete, and search records.
  3. Cloud management on DronaHQ Cloud, ensuring reliability and accessibility.
  4. CSV import and export are supported so users get flexibility in data usage and sharing.
  5. Query and transformation to interact with the data and allow integration of database data into DronaHQ apps seamlessly.
  6. Free trial license allows users to experience the database feature with 1 GB of storage for free.

dronahq database

Inspirations and aspirations

The addition of the Database to DronaHQ comes from our observations, conversations, and lessons learned. Despite the rise of digital transformations and powerful tools, we’ve noticed a common challenge persisting across businesses:

  1. Dependance on existing data sources: Customers of DronaHQ generally leverage their own data sources to build applications on top of. But, we sometimes see greenfield applications being built which don’t need customers to rely on their existing data sources. Such as data collection forms, manufacturing log books etc. These are best built on top of a managed database.
  2. Spreadsheet chaos still persists: At DronaHQ, over the past year we’ve had many interactions where customers have digital tools – the good ones – and still there is a lot of spreadsheet chaos across various business operations – from something as simple as employee data collection to a more complex ticket support management data. Excel-like spreadsheets are not true databases lack the features of true databases, such as interfaces for managing updates, workflows, and permissions. 
  3. Dependency on all stakeholders for our tool evaluation: Relying on all stakeholders for tool evaluation can lead to delays in realizing platform capabilities in the initial stages. Decision-makers often struggle in assessing the frontend capabilities without involving their entire team in the initial testing phase. Integrating a pre-built database into the system allows evaluators to seamlessly operate within the builder without any reliance on stakeholders.
  4. No-code developers: Low-code technology is as inclusive as it gets. In addition to developers and product managers, we have seen a slew of no-code operators use DronaHQ to build simpler applications without wanting much dependancy on the complexities of connecting to datasources.
  5. Tied up in more complex software: Some customers we engage with find themselves entangled in unnecessarily complex software, such as Salesforce, only to discover that an upgrade from Excel spreadsheets to a simple database would more effectively meet their requirements.

The SQL power play with the spreadsheet simplicity

Our aim is simple: empower you to navigate the complexities of data management with the power of SQL and the simplicity of a spreadsheet. Built on the formidable foundation of PostgreSQL, it is a secure, cloud-hosted solution managed by DronaHQ offering the muscle of PostgreSQL without the hassles.

Database enables you to effortlessly store and access tables of data. Add, edit, and delete records seamlessly through a visually intuitive interface. without any complex SQL queries required.

Speed, versatility, and efficiency—all bundled into one, the database is perfect for when you are:

  1. Evaluating the platforms frontend and automation capabilities for custom app development
  2. Need an upgrade from spreadsheets that are error-prone 
  3. Adopting a data-centric approach for quick beta testing of app features (you may want to check out Environments)
  4. Having no need to integrate your organizational data sources 
  5. Seeking seamless integration to simplify your workflow
  6. Scaling your business and need a flexible, no-code, growth-ready database
  7. Empowering citizen developers without diving into complex coding
  8. Prioritizing data security with managed storage on DronaHQ Cloud

Access and explore DronaHQ Database

Getting started is a breeze! Simply navigate to the Connector’s tab on DronaHQ Cloud, locate the Database within the DronaHQ Managed section, and let the magic unfold. Activate your trial license for 1 GB of free database storage.

Under the hood, how it works with DronaHQ frontend app builder:

You can integrate and query DronaHQ Database seamlessly into your apps. Build subqueries, bind them to controls on your screen, and watch your app come to life.

  1. Seamless Integration: Integrate your database effortlessly with the DronaHQ Frontend App Builder. No more friction between backend and frontend development.
  2. Schema Changes Made Easy: Inspect and release schema changes without breaking a sweat. DronaHQ Database and Frontend App Builder dance in harmony, ensuring your app evolves effortlessly.

Read about all DronaHQ Database features here.

Not sure where to begin your exploration? Build an AI app using DronaHQ database as backend and OpenAI connector. Say you upgrade from Google Sheets or Excel to Database, create a frontend in App builder, use GPT-4 connector, and enable a Chatbot that fetches any information you prompt it to from the Database.

build ai apps with gpt4 database and chatbot

Other powerful apps you can explore: Calendar based appointment booking system, Embeddable form and submit to Database, Web app without code, Automate ETL tasks in DronaHQ Automations and use Database as data source.

Alongside the DronaHQ Database, there’s a world of exciting features waiting for you. From app-building tools to no-code automations, explore the possibilities and unleash the full potential of the DronaHQ platform.

DronaHQ Database is currently in beta. Your feedback is invaluable as we fine-tune and enhance the experience. We invite you to explore, experiment, and share your thoughts with us. Activate Database free trial.

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