July 23, 2021

DB Connectors, Caching_sha2_password, Import JS libraries

DronaHQ Updates

We’re more than halfway through 2021. That’s insane! At DronaHQ we’ve had a busy year so far and we’re excited for all that’s coming your way. This month, we have support added for new Database connectors in addition to introducing a powerful Query building control to our builder.


New Database Connectors added in DronaHQ

We are excited to announce the addition of three new database connectors in DronaHQ—Amazon Redshift, Amazon Athena, and Google BigQuery. You can now migrate data from these three new sources to all DronaHQ apps.

New Query Builder Control

Query builder for sales lead database

Now you can bring server-side like filtering capabilities for the data pulled from SQL databases to your DronaHQ apps. Learn more >

Now Add Event Handlers for UI Controls

control event handlers

You might have wanted to add actions that are triggered on the happening of an event like once you select or change the selection from a dropdown or radio control, you may want action or a set of actions to be performed. We are introducing Events for more UI controls.

Trigger a set of actions to be performed when user enters, selects, or changes value on a control. Learn more >



MySQL 8.X connections: DronaHQ now supports MySQL 8.X connections with caching_sha2_password in addition to mysql_native_password to auto-detect and connect.

JS Transform Response: JS transform response now allows users to import as many types of JS libraries from any CDN and use the methods to get the data from server in the desired format.

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