September 01, 2021

Connect GraphQL APIs, JS block in Actionflows, AWS S3 connector


Integrate GraphQL APIs

Now connect DronaHQ to a GraphQL API in just a few minutes. You can query the API using an enhanced query editor.

DronaHQ supports both reading and writing (including with variables) from GraphQL. And you can combine GraphQL data with other datasources, including databases (e.g. PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Firebase), and other APIs (e.g. Stripe, Slack, Twilio, etc.).

Connect GraphQL to DronaHQ

New DB and API Connectors Added

DB Connectors

  1. Redis
  2. Cloud Datastore
    You can now Query the GCP powered NoSQL DB and connect data.

API connectors

  1. Amazon AWS Lambda
    You can invoke Lambda functions from DronaHQ in addition to getting the function list and their details as well.
  2. Amazon AWS S3


Now Add Custom JavaScript Code Block in Actionflows

DronaHQ allows users to add actions like computational logic, validate screens, fire queries into databases, call APIs, generate PDFs, send emails, show toasts, and other 100+ actions on events like button click, value change, or page load etc.

Now, users can perform custom behavior using JavaScript within Actionflows

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Query Builder control now supports creating filters for noSQL databases.

AWS Authentication method is added in the API auth, using which you can add AWS services using custom APIs.


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