July 17, 2020

5 Amazing Benefits of a Unified Mobile Container

With the increase in the development of mobile applications, there is an increase in the liability of managing every application from delivery to deployment with all the security considerations in place. Asking the user to install multiple applications and do the mundane task of sign-in every time for every application reduces the interactivity of the application and fails to produce a good user experience. There comes the role of a unified mobile container.

A unified mobile container or a Container App enables other applications to run smoothly within it without meddling with other applications or security settings of the mobile devices.  

In a mobile container, multiple micro-applications reside under one roof and can be interconnected if wanted. This enables the user to simply sign-in once and use all the applications inside the container.


Mobile Container DronaHQ

What are the benefits of using a mobile container?

1. Cost Saving- Maintaining mobile apps can be expensive and time-consuming, and when many mobile apps need to be maintained for OS up-gradation and future changes; maintaining each could be a costly issue. Containerization reduces DevOps efforts tremendously without having to worry for such time and money consuming activities.

2. Scaling Mobile Container application can be scaled as per the business requirements. New micro-apps could be added to the existing container. Similarly, the older one could be updated or deleted.

3. IntegrationMobile Container provides seamless integration capabilities and allows micro-apps and third parties to be integrated with the use of APIs and Zapier.

4. Agility- Mobile containers provide agility to the development process with quick integrations and deployment of micro-apps and implementation of changes throughout the mobile container application.

5. Enhances Security- Rather than monitoring micro-apps for security. Security policies could be implemented over the mobile container that houses all micro-apps. Active monitoring for the security of mobile container will ultimately secure all the apps that reside inside it.

Know: What is a Mobile Container App, And Why Does It Matter?

Mobile Container makes the process of version management, updates, and making the app compatible with the new operating system much easier. The container is managed for smooth updates and version roll-out whenever changes occur. Thus freeing the developers or IT team from the task of updating each and every application.

Containerization of enterprise apps enables developers to leverage certain capabilities. These include single sign-on, AD connect, security & compliance policies, branding guidelines, or data access in other applications to facilitate functionality in those applications. Moreover, containerization maximizes capabilities in each app while avoiding complexity, without requiring multiple app deployments for users.

What are the benefits of DronaHQ -Unified Mobile Container?

DronaHQ no-code platform provides a ready-made mobile container app that can house an unlimited number of applications inside it. DronaHQ mobile container reduces efforts of  DevOps on managing, upgrading multiple applications.

Save more than 8 man-weeks of effort per app

DronaHQ being a no-code platform ensures quick development and deployment of applications and integration with major business platforms with ease and within no time. 

Unified mobile container app manages all applications of the organization in one container without any worry for change management or version upgrades and gives your employees an interactive and personalized user experience.

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