April 20, 2022

New Controls, DB Connectors, Granular Permission, more

Product Updates


1. Calendar

You can now build calendar view on top of your data. Connect to your database and display planned events, upcoming meetings, delivery dates, and more.

2. Checkbox Tree

Building data collection front-ends? In addition to regular checkboxes, you can now create cascading checkbox selection menus.

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3. Cascader

Use the new cascader control to set the path/location of a definite element.

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4. Kanban

You can now build Trello/Asana like project management tools directly on top of your Postgres, MongoDB, Firebase, Redshift, MySQL or any other data base using the new Kanban control.

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5. Pagination


Display page numbers to navigate through screens within the UI.

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6. File Parser


CSV uploader is now renamed as File parser and its scope is increased from uploading CSV to also supporting JSON and XML. It also has a file uploader integrated with asset manager onboard for format strict matching.

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7. Timeline

timeline control

Timeline based events (such as tracking in CRM) can now be shown with different options like grouping etc.

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1. Clickhouse


Connect to the open source OLAP DBMS Clickhouse. Generate online analytical reports, reporting tools, dashboards.

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2. Vertica


Connect and build tools to read data from/write data back to Vertica datasource.

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1. Permission can now be given by owner of a connector to others (Owner, Edit, Use, None)

2. Permission can now be given by owner of an app to others (Owner, Publish, Edit, Preview only, None) and also with respect to environments as a new dimension.

3. User specific resource permissions (All App and connector) so as to view all of them together for a particular user.

4. Account owner to have all permissions across.

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