November 14, 2023

Seamless migration from with DronaHQ is shutting down, a platform that many have come to rely on, is facing the challenging decision to sunset its services. While the official announcement is yet to be made, existing customers and users have been informed. As their contemporaries in the low-code industry, we want to express our understanding of the challenges this decision may present to users.

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The Future of LCNC: Trends and Predictions

As we navigate this period of change, reflecting on trends and predictions in the low-code space is crucial. The rise in business technologists and a growing number of enterprise-wide hyperautomation and composable business initiatives will accelerate the adoption of low-code technologies through 2026, according to Gartner. In this dynamic market, the importance of building custom internal tools, apps, and workflows remains paramount for business success.

As prepares to sunset its services, it prompts us to reflect on the broader shifts in the LCNC space and underscores the importance of choosing a platform that stands the test of time.

Detailed comparison: DronaHQ vs
UI builder and apps
2 editors – Simple and Advanced (CSS friendly)
Single editor
Screen types
Header, Screen, Pop up, Menu, Drawer/Tray
Single screen type
Components/Controls120+ componentsLimited
TemplatesReady templates for different screen typesNot available
MobileSame apps can be for mobile and web
Visual action flowsAvailableNot available
Step-by-step debugging of action flowsAvailableNot available
Form repeats – self-repeating formsAvailableNot available
Tab indexAvailableNot available
LocalizationAvailableNot available
Assistive AI in queries and JSAvailableNot available
Data environmentsUnlimitedStaging, prod
Auto-generate CRUD and formsAvailable on SQL databasesNot available
AutomationAvailableOnly Schedule based
PDF CreatorAvailableNot available
DatabasesStandard + IAM role (self-hosted) + existing SSH keys.Standard
REST, SOAP, GraphQLStandardStandard
API auth methodsStandard + JWT, NTLM, Hawk, oAuth 1.0a, Digest, PKCE, etc.Standard
Multi-step authAll above auth + JS codeCustom auth
Ready APIsSlack, Google Sheets, Airtable, Salesforce, Twilio, AWS etc.Limited options.
SFTPAvailableNot available
FTPAvailableNot available
User management and ecosystem
SSOOIDC, SAML, Google, and Custom in cloud and self-hosted.SAML, okta
User rolesOwner, admin, userAdmin, user
PermissionsUser and group-based including granularity of environments.Limited permissions
BrandingAvailable from business plan onwardsNot available
App CatalogMultiple groups – show different appsNot available
App and user analyticsAvailableNot available
Different creator and user portalsAvailableNot available
Advanced security optionsIP whitelisting, device restrictions, etc.Not available
Help & Support
Dedicated support
First to offer 24*7 on-call assistance for customers
Shutting down

DronaHQ: Reliable and extensible low-code platform 

In the dynamic landscape of technology, change is the only constant. In light of the recent announcement about’s shutting down, we understand the challenges that users may be facing in finding a new home for their applications. At DronaHQ, we extend a warm invitation to users seeking a reliable and innovative low-code platform.

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  2. Partners to help you migrate multiple apps

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DronaHQ gives a secure, flexible, and feature-rich solution, offering a considerate and seamless migration with minimal disruption to your operation.

  • Established Legacy: DronaHQ, with its inception in 2007, has stood the test of time, gaining the trust of enterprises globally; providing a secure and reliable low-code environment.
  • Innovative Pricing Models: One size doesn’t fit all, especially when it comes to pricing. We have recently launched New Pricing Plans, including developer-only plans, a game-changing initiative in the low-code landscape. Choose from user-based pricing, usage-based pricing, or a developer-only pricing model, where end-users go free. This flexibility eliminates any pricing-related obstacles, ensuring you pay for what you need and nothing more.
  • Extensive Component Library: DronaHQ boasts a rich library of over 150 comprehensive UI components, including a powerful table grid component. 70 ready-to-use API and database connectors for accelerated integration. 
  • Unmatched Flexibility and Customization: DronaHQ platform provides a high level of flexibility, allowing developers to extend app functionality, create custom UI elements, and mold applications to specific requirements. Apps can be branded and white-labeled in a few clicks. 
  • AI-Powered Development: Ask AI to generate database queries or JavaScript code effortlessly. This integration of artificial intelligence streamlines the development process, enhancing productivity and reducing the learning curve for developers.

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Change indeed is the only constant, but with the right partner, the possibilities are limitless. 

We understand the challenges involved in transitioning between platforms and offer our resources and expert support to help you manage the change seamlessly. We believe you’ll find the transition to our platform worthwhile.

Schedule a call with us to discuss a tailored migration plan that aligns with your unique needs or needs help in evaluating platforms.

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