April 13, 2020

[Webinar] Customizing Project Management

Coronavirus has created a very dynamic situation at the work-front that continues to call on the HR professionals to offer employees the solutions to make remote work more normal, keeping the employees engaged, productive, and facilitating business continuity.


No-code makes it a breeze to connect your employees on one single platform, allowing for the creation of proactive smart workplace applications.



In this 30-minute webinar, see how an HR manager takes the matter to own hands to make a custom project management solution for his remotely working team and build –


  1. Real-time visibility into ongoing tasks
  2. Reports Dashboard for Management
  3. Project Planning & Control Interface
  4. Timesheet and Status app


Learn how to plan, build, and deploy no-code applications easily.


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About the Speakers: 

Ronak Mehta

  • Human Resource Manager, DronaHQ

Kinjal Vora

  • Marketing Director, DronaHQ
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