May 30, 2022

Top 6 No-code Podcasts for App Development [2023]

No-code is here to stay. If you’re prepared though, adopting the right technologies could future-proof your business and in fact, put you ahead on the map. If you’re interested to learn more about the possibilities no-code and low-code tools create, podcasts are an excellent place to start. Most podcasts offer an interesting peek into no-code/low-code app development stories and how companies have utilized them to come out on top. This is quite convenient as they’re often easily accessible from popular music apps like Spotify. Thus, I’ve curated a list of top podcasters who share their thoughts, tips, and hacks to get started with and excel in the no-code space!


The Visual Developers Podcast

Landing Page of the Visual Developers Podcast Website

Hosted by: Matt Varughese, Lacey Kesler, and Ben Parker

Listen here.


This should be your go-to place for all things no-code! Their podcasts range from around 45 mins to an hour and consist of tutorials, maker interviews, and much more. Matt, Lacey & Ben are professionals in the field and also share career tips and experiences which makes this series an invaluable learning experience. I especially loved their podcast on will no-code replace developers, and what does the future hold for both no-coders and coders! As it is a common misconception that no-code and low-code platforms are a threat to developers.


Get the definitive guide to no-code development and accelerate application development with your existing resources.


The Low Code Ninjas Podcast

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Hosted by: John Koetsier & Peggy Anne Salz

Listen here.


This podcast is all about App Development using the power of low code. Their latest series, Low Code Legends, consists of rapid 5-minute sessions with top people in the low-code industry. I found their podcasts quite useful as a lot of them tackled interesting problems which people face when using low-code tools, like how do you build a full-fledged e-commerce solution, and it even helped me solve some of the problems I faced as a low-code developer. Give them a listen if you want to dive deep into app development!


My NoCode Story Podcast

Landing Page of the My No Code Story No Code Podcast Spotify

Hosted by: Ayush Sharma

Listen here.

This podcast started on March 13th, and is more of an undiscovered gem! In each episode, Ayush interacts with a guest to share an interesting story on what led them to adopt no-code tools and what hardships they faced along the way. I found these real-life stories of what people went through to be quite inspiring, especially the one where he speaks with Luc Meijer on why he collected over a thousand no-code tools! Follow Ayush & his podcast for a new and inspiring story each week.

Catch DronaHQ Co-founder Jinen Dedhia and Ayush Sharma on this Podcast >

The Makerpad Podcast

Landing Page of the Makerpad No Code Podcast Website

Hosted by: Ben Tossell

Listen here.


Makerpad is a leading no-code community with 10,000+ members and their podcast lives up to their name! Hosted by its founder, Ben Tossell, the podcast gives a behind-the-scenes peek into the lives of no-code leaders and shows us what’s possible with the power of no-code. These hourly talks revolve around how companies automate their internal workflows, set up processes, and allow themselves to be more creative at work.


The NoCode Wealth Podcast

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Hosted by: Abdulaziz M Alhamdan

Listen here.


If you aren’t a techie, then this podcast is the one for you! Containing 128 episodes each around 45 mins long, No-Code wealth discusses all the other aspects of the industry, i.e. Money, Marketing & Mindsets. In each episode, Abdulaziz talks with Founders/CEOs of prominent companies and is able to provide valuable insights as to what these companies are doing differently to succeed and beat the competition.


The High Tech – Low Code Podcast

Landing Page of the High Tech Low Code Podcast Website


Hosted by: OutSprint

Listen here.


Yet another awesome podcast for you to stay up to date with the happenings in the low-code industry! Their latest series took an interesting approach where they tackled each industry and talked about the state of low-code and tech in that space, which is what made me add them to my list! Their talks are in-depth, informative and a good source to get your weekly fix of low-code news!

These podcasts couldn’t make it to the top 8 of my list, but I still feel they deserved a special mention as they’re new to space and have already put forth some amazing content for the community!

Hosted by: Sean Pritzkau

Listen here.

This podcast definitely deserved a mention because of how different it is from all the other podcasts on the list. Rather than hosting interviews with founders and leaders, this podcast is focused on motivating you to start and complete your no-code journey and guiding you along the way! Connect with real-life experiences of people who have walked the talk and are already changing society using the power of no-code!

Hosted by: Sukriti Yaduwanshi

Listen here.

Started on 8th May 2021, This podcast by host Sukriti involves a casual conversation with leading industry experts on current trends that are changing the world! I loved her latest podcast with Mr. Prashanth Kaddi, Partner at Delloite India, where they discuss in-depth on how Artificial Intelligence is changing the way business is done and the job roles. Tune in to her podcast to get a unique perspective of how technology is evolving around us!

Wrapping Up…

This concludes my list of top no-code podcasts I personally love & follow! Needless to say, all of them are amazing and unique in their own way. As the no-code space continues to grow, the number of podcasts, tools, and resources too exponentially grows! If you haven’t started your no-code journey yet, better late than never.


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