February 25, 2022

New Salesforce Connector, Tagged Images, Profile Control and more


New Salesforce Connector

Adding Salesforce to our ready connectors list so you can design custom internal tools and fetch data from your SFDC account and connect it to write data to your database of third party apps or more. Write SoQL, CRUD queries, Configure Apex REST and more.

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New Display Type UI Controls

Tagged Content & Tagged Images use textual or image based tags respectively to allow end users to filter content displayed on your UI by clicking different tags from the list 


Profile Control: Use this UI control for cases where you need to display user profiles with images and brief descriptions.  


Pagination Control:

Used the new pagination control to navigate through a sequential set of pages. It displays a number of pages that fits its width and updates the selected page in any direction.



Alert Control:  Prompt users to take action using alerts in your frontend. Four alert types added Info, Success, Error and Warnings.


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