Chirag Jain
March 19, 2019


We’re pleased to announce new features/changes on Studio (staging) published in this week. Following are the details about these features:


New Feature

  • Workflow
    • Use Formula to dynamically assign a Task to an User. A new option has been added known as – “Use Formula to resolve User” in Assign Task section of Input Task, Approval Task & Notification Task. You can use a LOOKUP() formula or any formula which gives user email as an output can be used in this option and the workflow will assign the corresponding task to that user(s).
  • Sheets
    • LOOKUP() formulas have been introduced in sheets. You can use LOOKUP formula to fetch data from any sheet and store it in the cell. You can type in LOOKUP() formula in the formula box of any column in the sheet.
  • Builder
    • New operators in LOOKUP formula have been added ($cn, $ncn, $stw, $nstw, $enw, $nenw, $any, $nany, $all, $cnt, $nall, $mncnt, $mxcnt, $in, $nin, $regex). These operators are used LOOKUP filter, for example-LOOKUP([], $in [“tom”,”jane”,”harry”])
      Please refer details about these operator on our tutorial site
      These operators will be displayed in formula suggestion list as well.
    • A Help Messenger (bubble on the right bottom corner) has been introduced on Studio. This messenger will suggest articles from our tutorial site –, to help resolve your queries
    • Couple of new Controls have been added in the control list.
      Form Controls:
      – Multiselect Bar – Similar to Select Bar but now you can select multiple options
      – Advance Dropdown – Similar to dropdown but you can see multiple column data.
      Visual Controls:
      – Table – Wild Card Component has been renamed to Table
      – User – To populate user’s detail and navigate to desired page
      – LeaderBoard – A control to display leaderboard with ranking and other details
      – List – Wild Card List has been renamed to List
      – Product List – A list to display list of products with images and navigate to desired page
      – Detail Card, Mini Card, Banner – Image Carousel or Image Slider to display images in a slider with title or description.
  • Users
    • Now you can Add Users, Add Groups, Edit Users (for example User Details, Block/Unblock user, Deactivate/Activate user), Edit Groups and do all user related functionality (as same as DronaHQ Console) in Studio. The existing User’s sheet is available under the tab – User



  • Builder
    • Suggestion List has been optimized to open quickly as compared to earlier state
  • Sheets
    • User Sheet details will be synced on user login.


  • Sheets
    • On cell click, sheet scrolls to left
    • Create demo sheet (BaseSheet) once a user logs in, if it doesn’t exist in channel.
  • Builder
    • Multiselect and Selectbar changes not working.



For the curious souls, here is a signup for early access to DronaHQ Low code platform . Please reach out to me if you would like to know anything specific on Low code/ No Code capability.

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