August 20, 2021

New interface for REST API integration, Elastic search connector


New UI for custom API Integration

oauth headway.jpg

We have launched a new and easier experience of adding custom APIs in DronaHQ. The configuration interface is transformed into a more usable and simpler sidebar and a new AWS authentication method has been added in the API auth, using which you can add AWS services like Lambda, etc using custom APIs.

Take a look at the new UI  >

New Elastic Search DB Connector Added

Elasticsearch is a distributed, open-source search and analytics engine. You can store, search, and analyze huge volumes of data quickly. You can query Elasticsearch and in near real-time get back responses in a matter of a few milliseconds.

See how you can use the Elastic Search connector >



Prevent resource request spoofing: All APIs now have strict user authentication checking and the APIs are upgraded to v2. This has been done to ensure that all your APIs are safe with the encrypted request payload that cannot be easily tampered with.

This is implemented with a new property in the microapp settings “Prevent resource request spoofing” To enable this security feature you need to simply toggle switch ON and apply the protection to all your APIs. Learn more >

New S3 connector added: You can now upload files and images to your own S3 bucket. Learn more >

Refresh Response button added in Connectors: Connect dynamic connectors like Airtable, Firebase etc. and also get custom connected account’s response using this feature. For ready 3rd party connectors, you can get your account specific response with the data intact. This will enable running transformed response JS on very specific data. Learn more >

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