November 06, 2020

Bank modernises crucial HR legacy processes with low-code

MUMBAI, India – Nov. 5, 2020 – PRLog — DronaHQ, a cloud based low-code application development platform has helped a banking firm use low-code for back-end development – integrations and database, to simplify complex employee appraisal processes. The front-end of the app was custom coded to employ organization’s unique evaluation algorithm.

The customer was conducting a crucial employee appraisal process using a complex, spreadsheet-based data collection for peer-to-peer evaluations and data was manually uploaded to the organization’s SAP systems. In just 2 weeks time, the customer was able to transform the HR legacy processes, giving its employees a mobile-enabled tool to evaluate fellow peers. Reports were generated instantly after the employee submits data and that can be updated to the SAP systems. Instead of building a custom app using traditional code, the firm could launch the app in just 2 weeks, owing to the speed of the platform. The admin would be able to download the report for further decision making.

The efforts to update a complex internal process were significantly reduced. Because it was built using low-code, the solution is easily customizable and the bank can easily manage the processes without compromising security.

Among many benefits, this one is the most critical for conglomerates that have many business-critical software or processes deeply integrated into their day to day operations. The need for digital transformation is increasing at rapid rates and having a powerful solution to quickly take custom apps to market can give a great competitive advantage. This method of implementation can help customers produce high quality solutions at rapid speed,” says DronaHQ Co-founder Divyesh Kharade.Low-code supports fast deployment by making use of pre-built components and boilerplate code. Customers can plug n play and keep optimizing business processes.”

Deploying new-age mobile business solutions is no longer difficult. Replacing existing business solutions with modern tools, however, is where the challenges begin to show and extra efforts are required. Legacy modernization and customization of existing business systems to make them adhere better to your organization’s needs can take a ton of time.

A feat that the platform has accomplished is that it allows its customers to use the platform to join the gaps that exist in the organization’s existing tech stacks, without worrying about recreating any system functionality from scratch.

Low-code platforms support faster deployment by making use of boilerplate code, pre-built templates, and other such “building blocks”. They also offer a simple and easy way to build screens and user interfaces. The plug n play feature and rapid prototyping also help speed up the turnaround time for building simple applications.

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