March 20, 2023

Build mobile friendly business apps in minutes

From booking a cab to ordering food, mobile apps have made our lives easier and more convenient. In today’s fast-paced world, mobile apps have become a necessity rather than a luxury. Businesses are increasingly relying on mobile apps to engage with their customers and streamline their operations.

Mobile apps allow businesses to engage their end users without bars, increasing productivity, and providing a seamless user experience. And DronaHQ’s low-code platform has been allowing developers to build mobile-friendly apps quickly and efficiently, allowing businesses to create high-quality mobile apps in a fraction of the time and cost of traditional development methods.

DronaHQ’s mobile app builder

When it comes to building business apps or internal tools, a good majority of use cases work satisfactorily on web portals, with no requirements to be functional on a mobile device. 

Such as admin panels, crud apps, database GUIs, and customer support portals. 

At the same time there’s an equally good majority of business app use cases that are critical to be run on the phone – think field inspection apps, event lead registration apps, sales apps, logistics apps and more.

We began our app development journey in the enterprise mobility space, enabling businesses to create custom mobile apps for their employees, so with the launch of our low code platform, giving users the ability to access the apps they build on DronaHQ both as web app and mobile app was a given functionality. 

Learn more: https://www.dronahq.com/mobile/

 A complete developer toolkit 

While there are several players in the market that support low-code mobile app development, DronaHQ sets itself apart by allowing developers to build and publish mobile apps without having to build separate apps or install extra plugins. The apps you build and publish are instantly accessible over any device and OS, including iOS and Android. For developers, this means they can focus on creating high-quality mobile apps without worrying about building the same app multiple times to support different OS.

DronaHQ capabilities: The platform’s 150+ pre-built UI controls and variety of templates, combined with its extensive library of 50+ APIs and database connectors, make it easy for developers to create mobile apps that are both functional and visually appealing.

Mobile native UI controls: Pick from a range of native controls that can be added to mobile apps, including signature control, QR scanner control, barcode reader, Geolocation capture, file upload, camera, and many more, that enable developers to create mobile apps that are not only user-friendly but also provide a seamless user experience.

Offline data submission: With DronaHQ’s offline access feature, users can capture data and trigger the next actions even when they are not connected to the internet. The data and relevant actions take place once the internet connection is back.

Secure mobile app: ISO 27001 and SOC-II certified including GDPR compliant DronaHQ offers a bulk of enterprise-grade secure capabilities to its platform users. For mobile apps, it offers additional support such as remote wipe users and data from a specific device or DLP controls to inhibit screenshots and data copy-paste.  

Pricing that works for every team: Unlike our peers who may charge an additional fee for mobile app users, we offer transparent pricing plans that support publishing mobile apps at no extra cost.  

A great example of all these features in combination with, is inventory management. Suppose you run a warehouse and need to keep track of your inventory. In that case, you can use DronaHQ to create a mobile app that allows your employees to scan products and update inventory levels in real time. The platform’s offline access feature ensures that your employees can access the app even if they don’t have an internet connection, making it easy for them to update inventory levels from anywhere in the remote warehouse locations. App users can access the same app on their desktop devices 

How customers are using DronaHQ to build mobile apps faster

Customers are using DronaHQ’s low-code platform to build mobile apps faster. For example, HR departments are using DronaHQ’s platform to build custom HR apps such as ESS portals that are accessible as mobile apps. These mobile-first tools streamline employee onboarding, benefits enrollment, time-tracking processes, and more. Inspection teams are using the platform to build inspection apps that help them gather data from far and remote locations on their mobile devices, even if network connectivity is unstable. Similarly, businesses are using DronaHQ’s platform to build a variety of other mobile apps, such as premium calculator apps, sales tracking, store inspection, inventory management apps, order management apps, and more.

We make it easy for our customers to work through the mobile app, rather than being tethered to their laptops or desktops. This mobile-first approach ensures that customers can access critical data and perform tasks on-the-go, improving efficiency and productivity.

How it works

With DronaHQ’s low-code platform, the process is simplified into three easy steps.

Step 1: Connect with datasource or API

This step involves selecting the appropriate data source or API and connecting it to the app using DronaHQ’s extensive library of API connectors. 

Step 2: Design UI

DronaHQ’s platform provides a range of pre-built UI controls, including buttons, text fields, or dashboards, that developers can use to create the app’s UI. Alternatively, developers can build their own custom controls using JavaScript. 

Step 3: Preview and test the app, then publish

DronaHQ’s platform allows developers to preview the app in real-time, making it easy to spot any issues and make necessary changes. Once the app has been thoroughly tested, developers can publish it with just a few clicks.

Ship native mobile apps with DronaHQ

DronaHQ’s complete developer toolkit for low-code mobile app development is a powerful solution for businesses looking to create user-friendly mobile apps quickly and efficiently. With its pre-built UI controls and extensive library of API & database connectors, developers can create high-quality mobile apps that are instantly accessible over any device without worrying about device compatibility. 

So, if you’re looking to build a mobile app for your business, give DronaHQ a try and see how easy it can be to build a high-quality mobile app in no time.

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