Divyesh Kharade
September 07, 2020

Low-Code Unlocks The Power of Innovation for Channel Partners

Channel Partners, despite their varied expertise, have one consistent goal – delivering unmatched value propositions to customers while opening doors for new business opportunities.

When it comes to application development, we are seeing IT Channel Partners amplifying their conventional development strategies by adopting no-code and low-code methodologies.

This comes as no surprise though. The way enterprises buy and employ technology continues to evolve. With business users taking the reins on the technology they want to use, there has never been a better time for channel partners to build a successful practice with no-code technology.

The partners I come to interact with, work with customers to drive innovation and create solutions that respond to change (that are future-proof). A common reason to adopt no-code that I come across is that the speed and ease of development. But more recently the ISVs have taken to no-code due to the ease of integration that comes along with it to build new solutions while leveraging a visual development platform. Integration, reliability, reusability, scalability – these are exactly the great benefits that the platform is designed to offer.

The onset of the global pandemic highlighted the importance of rapid development as channel partners raced to create digital solutions for their customers dealing with business disruptions.

Every little to big change, every new requirement calls for time and dedicated resources. Even with the most robust IT resources, operating at high speed, meeting the surplus in demands would be borderline impossible.

With no-code technology, even in the time of disruption, channel partners unlock the powerful offerings that let them innovate, build, test and iterate within one to two weeks, something that can go beyond six months to a year if done traditionally.

A variety of benefits for the channel partner gets unlocked: 

  1. Increase revenue opportunities – with the flexibility to innovate and build at speed, channel partners look for new business and customer relationship opportunities in the face by offering competitive response time and pricing to get more customer wins.  Some no-code platforms also offer partners a ready go-to-market to demonstrate their product expertise and solution development skills.
  2. Fastest time-to-market – Partners look for ways to go to market faster and customers want to access those apps quickly too. As no-code allows partners to build solutions ten times faster, partners can take these solutions to market sooner. A cloud-native model allows them to develop from anywhere across the globe on a browser and launch responsive apps that scale easily.
  3. Creating cutting edge user experiences – Partners can create and update interactive UI components that are responsive, conversational and reusable. In addition to creating components from scratch, a lot of heavy-lifting is already taken care of by the no-code platform vendors with ready-to-use, OOB UI components, excel-like data manipulation functions, 3rd party connectors and pre-configured industry-leading app templates.
  4. Ability to differentiate and showcase their innovative expertise – No-code platform gives partners levels of sophistication and support features, to showcase their extensive domain expertise in complex, mission-critical systems. Technology partners who are leaders in an enterprise domain that uses specific software, like SAP or Salesforce, can deliver exactly the custom solutions needed in a fraction of time. With 3rd party connectors to simplify integrations with popular technology platforms and applications, partners can expedite app development and launch impactful applications for their clients’ internal systems.
  5. Risk-free technology that increases productivity – project delays get eliminated with the visual development experience that makes predicting outcome easier. With a high productivity platform under their wing, partners can transform the performance of their most critical asset – developers.

You cannot manage what you cannot see” – the age-old saying has become today’s reality as enterprises deal with their information that is spread across their online and offline channels. As the partners continue to build innovative go-to-market solutions for their enterprise customers, we are set to witness a profound increase in the reach of business and capabilities delivered by partners to their clients as they continue to differentiate their offerings and drive demand.


About the Author: 

Divyesh Kharade: Co- Founder & CEO 

Divyesh is the Co-Founder and CEO at DronaHQ. He drives Technology and Product at DronaHQ. He has been instrumental in driving large mobility transformation programs across companies of different scale and complexities and has a large exposure to complex IT infrastructures.


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