April 16, 2020

Enterprise gains: Future-proofing with No-Code

Now, thanks to no-code, you can quickly launch your journey to the digital realm.

Your business has never been short of ideas, but you may have fallen short of resources to launch them in the market as fast as needed.

The pace of technological changes is increasing the rate of software obsolescence. The pressure on IT teams is on a forever-high with the increasing app demands.

How can you deliver the best digital experiences, while working with existing resources? It’s time we get real about enterprise-grade no-code platforms.

No-code has allowed to drastically minimize and even eliminate the need for coding, resulting in faster and future-proof app development.

Applications built using no-code platforms are modular by nature, thus, making the cost and efforts of future enhancements negligible. From simple automation of manual and paper-based processes to legacy system modernization to building new complex workflows from the ground-up, no-code platforms can be used for a wide array of requirements.

With enhanced workflowautomation and OOB connectors, containerization, content management, database, and UI designing capabilities, no-code platform allows enterprises to utilize their existing tech stack better by deploying applications between and into existing or new processes.

No code allows alignment with the dynamic future of custom application development. In the age where business success is measured by the resources owned and not by the software used, applications need to effectively incorporate future roadmaps that support rapidly changing scenarios. The model-driven approach is the future and no-code platforms stand by this norm in so many ways.

Parameters to consider:

1. App usability and the UX

2. App functionality

3. Maintenance cost

4. Security

5. Skills needed to build



No-code tutorials, tips and tricks — DronaHQ

In our attempt to equip you with the best enterprise-grade no-code tool there is, we are sharing brief demos on some useful and functional applications of no-code on DronaHQ platform. You can explore use cases and use no-code as your digital armour to face any disruption in the business.

In this video series, we will begin by laying the foundation of the platform followed by in-depth demonstrations, tutorials, tips and tricks to build rapid custom applications.

Video 1: How to build a simple application on DronaHQ?

In this tutorial, we demonstrate how users can build simple form-based applications using drag-drop builder, workflows and DronaHQ Sheets. You can follow these steps to automate those error-prone and tedious workplace tasks that create bottlenecks.

Watch it here.

Video 2: How to create complex workflow and process automation apps on DronaHQ?

Complex business processes will not be sufficed with simple form-based apps. Watch this video to see how you can create complex, multi-tier workflows, update existing applications, add and modify business logic and validation rules.

Watch it here.

Video 3: [On-demand Webinar] How to architect a custom Project Management application?

No-code applications are rapid and easy to make if you have the app strategy ready. Watch this video to see how a non-technical manager uses a no-code platform to make a custom project management application for his remotely working teams.

Watch it here.

Video 4: Building an app from a spreadsheet with No-Code

What starts as a sincere attempt to manage information constructively, slowly falls apart. Those who face heavy data entry or data update tasks will love this. Watch the video to see how you can turn unstructured information instantly to applications that store your information in a structured way.

Watch it here.

Video 5: Building a travel request app

A lot of your routine office workflows take up productive hours. See how you can build multi-tier workflow applications to manage business travel requests between the management, accounting and hr teams.

Watch it here.



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