June 04, 2021

Launching low-code templates on DronaHQ

Low-code technology is just waiting to be explored and used. Designing user interfaces, automation tasks, configuring workflows, connecting disparate tools and lots more.

Naturally it has got a lot of heads turning, and while low-code is the best solution to build almost any internal tool, sometimes it’s challenging to define the right use case.

And I am super excited to be sharing DronaHQ templates with you all. With these templates we aim to help users get a good idea of what can be easily integrated and built on the platform. Oftentimes it is hard to imagine use-cases and with these templates it gets much better to understand what other companies are building with DronaHQ.

DronaHQ templates are pre-built tools which you can clone in one click.

Connect your tools to read and write from your own data sources, like Stripe, Shopify, Slack, Zendesk, Hubspot, Github, or your own custom databases and APIs.

DronaHQ is a drag and drop way of building internal tools, apps, processes. We realised when users sign up on the platform, they often say “DronaHQ looks like a cool platform, but we’re not really sure what we’d build with it”. Because DronaHQ is a horizontal platform designed to serve multitude of internal process, answering this question has always been somewhat challenging to us. We know DronaHQ can be used for building most types of applications for web & mobile.

We’re really excited to be launching DronaHQ templates that give a good idea of what customers (like Mondelez, Nestle, Endy Sleep), low-code channel partners, and DronaHQ teams are building on the DronaHQ platform. We’re hoping this helps answer the question of “what could DronaHQ do?

These templates include a bunch of mobile apps that are web responsives, and then some web apps that are mobile responsive and can be used instantly or customized as you desire. These are designed to be helpful for both the business and development team users.

Designing the UI is one of the most important and time-consuming stages of app development. Since the basic UI is already ready for the application, templates are a huge time saver. You just need to link the template to your database and customize it according to your needs.

Some of the immediate advantages for anyone building apps on DronaHQ include

  1. Variety of Integrations — There are an ample number of third-party connectors that can be integrated using DronaHQ. There is a lot of scope for high customizations.
  2. Security — The platform is ISO 270001 and SOC II certified. This means all the templates and plugins are tested against all bugs and security vulnerabilities.
  3. High flexibility — Templates are highly flexible to use. You can customize and modify them according to the most suitable and appropriate form for your team.

Some of our favourite internal tool templates are

  1. Advanced dashboards This app provides a thorough dashboard for sales teams to gain insight into the sales and provide demand forecasts, driving new ideas. But it can also be used to act as a dashboard for inventory management, employee management as you can connect it to any data source and customize the labels. View App >
  2. Admin Panels We have a bunch of Admin Panels in the templates that are built on top of popular used databases like MongoDB, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle, etc. One of our customer has used this admin panel to integrate with their Zendesk ticketing system so it looks up customer details for each ticket from their database and the representative using the tool gets a access to required View App >
  3. Dynamic Inspection Forms This is a site inspection app used by a UK based landscaping company and it essentially housed 800+ questions which are not simplified for the template. Basically this app showcases how users can create dynamic forms that keep changing as per user input on DronaHQ View App >
  4. Vaccination Management A recent one, this app can be used by any organization that needs to plan an employee vaccination drive. The tool integrates easily to the company’s Active Directory. Administrators monitor daily vaccinations, update vaccination status of an employee, plan future slots, vaccine inventory. View App >

And a whole bunch of other tools waiting to be explored. We designed these templates to show you all what a production grade internal tool built on DronaHQ may look like. These tools have been built without writing a single line of code, however, that does not mean these cannot be extended with code.

By writing JS code at the API or Database response, developers can easily transform data and can also write reusable functions to get the desired transformed output. And design custom ui components too that go with their brand guidelines.

We created these templates to help you get started with the ground work done. Once published, DronaHQ apps can be used by an unlimited number of end users.

We have got a whole bunch of templates in the pipeline and can’t wait to see what you build with DronaHQ!

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