July 10, 2023

Introducing localization for global app reach

Imagine a scenario where a talented developer creates an ingenious app that has the potential to revolutionize the way people organize their lives. The app is sleek, intuitive, and incredibly useful. But there’s just one catch—it can only communicate in a single language. This limitation restricts its reach and leaves countless potential users feeling left out.

Introducing app localization at DronaHQ

Enter DronaHQ, the low-code app development platform that sought to break down these barriers and create a truly inclusive digital landscape. 

App Localization is the key that would enable developers and users to transcend linguistic boundaries effortlessly. The decision to prioritize localization was driven by DronaHQ’s commitment to providing a seamless and personalized app experience for users across diverse cultures and regions. By enabling developers to offer their apps in multiple languages, DronaHQ empowers them to tap into new markets and connect with a broader user base.

Imagine an inventory app that effortlessly adapts its interface and product descriptions to cater to internal users from diverse backgrounds. With Localization, these scenarios became a reality.

Picture a travel app that seamlessly translates destination information, local recommendations, and even customer reviews into the user’s preferred language. With DronaHQ, it’s now a reality.

Expanding into New Markets businesses enter new markets by adapting their app to the language, Global Customer Support Users can access support materials, FAQs, and chat support in their preferred language, Multilingual Employee Engagement offering company apps and internal tools in multiple languages fostering productivity.

How developers benefit from localization

With DronaHQ’s app localization feature, developers gain unprecedented control over the language settings of their apps. They can easily customize controls, ensuring that buttons, menus, and other interactive UI elements appear in the user’s preferred language. This level of flexibility enhances the user experience, enabling individuals to navigate the app effortlessly and feel truly at home within its interface.

But the power of Localization doesn’t stop there. DronaHQ has gone above and beyond by offering support for a wide range of languages, including popular ones like Russian, French, and Spanish, among many others.

Localization opens doors to global expansion, enabling businesses to tap into untapped markets, increase user engagement, and drive revenue growth.

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