May 17, 2021

Internal Tools Survey 2021

Internal tools are redefining the workplace, making every company a technology company. We invite you to take a short survey and become a part of our study as we identify feedback across internal tool development. Your input will be critical in helping us analyze trends and get a deeper appreciation of the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead for technology leaders and organizations.

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The way any business works is complex. It is multifaceted with a lot of moving parts and demands a collaborative approach and constant interaction between the different systems, databases and departments; the development teams, product team, HR, finance, sales, and marketing departments, that are often distributed and involve people across departments, in different regions, and time zones. 

A lot of the activities today are increasingly getting automated and optimized using cloud-based tools to empower the departments to answer their own questions and do their job more autonomously. CIO teams and VP Engineering get requests for Internal tools from various departments; finance, customer support, marketing, sales, partners, IT, and more. 

Many product managers too, are introducing custom digital tools in internal operations. A report by Product Management Today tells that a lot of product managers already use ‘low tech’ tools for internal processes like Google Docs, Excel & Co, Confluence, Jira. Many new-age organizations are increasingly creating roles for internal tool managers and product managers for internally facing tools in their organization. This indicates the rising level of importance internal tools play at work. 

But we don’t know:

  • Which is preferred mode: Building or Buying and Integrating internal tools?
  • Who leads internal tools development in an organization –  Product team or engineering team?
  • What are the top use cases for which organizations feel the need to build internal tools
  • What tools and technologies do they use to build the internal apps? 

While everyone seems to know what internal tools are, only some organizations fully understand how critical these tools can be to engineering or product teams and are building internal tools with the same level of quality that they would for an external-facing product.  

This is why we are conducting this Internal Tools Survey: Take Survey We are also curious, so we’d like to ask you about it. Over the next month, we aim to capture more insights on internal tools space through surveys, polls, and interviews. The better we understand the strategies, the more valuable the results will be to you and your peers.

Here we have a quick 15-question survey targeted at technology decision makers at companies with 100+ employees. So if you are a CIO, VP Engineering or you are spearheading internal tool development, are an IT Head, or head product management at your organization, we invite you to participate in the survey: Take Survey

It will take about five to seven minutes to complete but will generate insights that contribute to a much larger picture of internal tool development trends. As a token of our appreciation, upon completion of the survey, you will receive $100 credits.*

You can also help us by sharing the link with every IT head, CIO, or product professional you know. Drop the link in relevant Slack channels, or a Twitter DM, or on their favorite subreddit.

We appreciate your support!

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