Jinen Dedhia
June 19, 2019

Export Low Code/No Code apps to your Portal

We are excited to announce the release of “Embed apps” feature. Post our beta launch, we got some customers asking us if we could extract the code and run it in their portals. We tried to deep dive and understand how would a code extract really help them.

Recently we helped a couple of them with a code extract with a promise that we are deeply involved during their integration with their portal. One of the customers was using Sharepoint and other was using a custom portal. Our tech team was sure that integrating the code will be a massive task. There are minor things like user profile, authentication token, etc which are completely managed by the context in which app is rendered. This context had to be recreated by the customer. In a short span — customers realized that it would be a nightmare to do this exercise at scale.

While we understood the benefit of the use case, its implementation cycle was slowly emerging as a show stopper in both the customer cases. We quickly enquired with some more customers on the value of designing custom workflows & embedding them as an entry point on your existing portal/app & most of them jumped in excitement. We took the leap of faith & worked with a simple goal of seamless integration of the produce from DronaHQ low code studio into the customer portal. Since integration into code was already identified challenge, the feature team came up with a simple elegant solution. EMBED an iFrame. We will work a way to produce an iframe that can be spun out from our cloud-native service & can effectively be integrated into any portal.

We are excited that we are live and we have a simple way to achieve the goal.

Now our customers can develop calculators/ forms/ workflows/ reporting apps on Studio, essentially fully use the capability of low code and create portlets to integrate into any of the customer portal with a simple iFrame.

Originally posted at: https://medium.com/@jinendedhia/export-low-code-no-code-apps-to-your-portal-5a682183bab2

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