January 10, 2024

2023 Recap: DronaHQ’s Year in Review

As we embarked in 2023, our mission was to elevate the user experience, prompting strategic enhancements based on meticulous planning and valuable user feedback. Central to this evolution was the introduction of a refreshed visual builder, offering a more spacious and streamlined interface for seamless app development.

The rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) took center stage, necessitating the integration of AI-powered features. The unveiling of our “Ask AI” feature, streamlining the generation of JS code and intricate SQL queries through natural prompts, resonated positively among users, significantly expediting their development processes.

One of the major moves was revising our pricing structure, a developer toolset should empower developers and democratize app development. Recognizing the varied usage patterns of applications and allowing businesses to maximize ROI by focusing on empowering developers without end-user fee constraints, we introduced developer-only plans for the platform. This option is ideal when you’ve built an app for embedding, experience high usage, and need support for a large number of end users.

Amid our exponential customer growth, a revamped documentation platform was introduced, enhancing user navigation across all features. New additions like automation and the DronaHQ managed database further enriched our platform’s capabilities.
Recognizing the paramount importance of developer support during onboarding, we established a dedicated 24×7 support team to assist app builders with technical queries and promptly address any challenges encountered in the app-building process, ensuring a seamless experience on our platform.

Stick around as we break down the key moments of 2023:

User interface builder


  1. Streamlined drag-and-drop functionality for a WYSIWYG experience.
  2. Unified headers across all screens for simplified navigation.
  3. Enhanced data binding options for UI, JS, SQL, and FX.

Databases and APIs

connect to any data source

We have introduced a lineup of new database connectors, opening doors to AWS IAM, Rest API, S3 & Lambda AWS Auth, and more. Authentication methods have also evolved, offering the flexibility to choose what suits your data best – whether it’s AWS IAM authentication, Rest API simplicity, or other tailored options. 

Some amazing updates of 2023 are:

  1. The PostgreSQL, MySQL, and MariaDB connectors now have the AWS IAM type of authentication.
  2. Connection pooling support was added to optimize database connections.
  3. Reuse existing SSH keys with our SSH tunneling feature.
  4. Support to connect to sandboxed Salesforce accounts.
  5. Added more operators in AWS Athena.
  6. Support for custom timestamps in Firestore.
  7. With cURL import, configure Rest API by auto-filling all the API information from the client URL request.
  8. Introduced OpenAI connector.
  9. Introduced SMTP & FTP connector.
  10. JWT bearer authentication, Oauth 2.0 JWT, and NTLM authentication are some of the authentication schemes introduced for APIs
  11. OAuth V1.0a is now added to the Multistep Authentication as Auth flow and Refresh flow
  12. Connect with Xano
  13. Introduced CassandraDB connector
  14. Introduced DronaHQ query language, to craft advanced JSON queries. 
  15. InfluxDB enhancements: Support extended to InfluxDB V2 and InfluxDB V3.

AI assistance 

Ask AI

This year one of the major features was “Ask AI”. Now, when you’re working on queries, Ask AI is there to lend a hand. Give some prompt and SQL/GraphQL queries will appear in no time. Additionally, Ask AI is now also available in the transform JS section of data variables which lets you write custom JS codes. 

Powerful add-ons

PDF 2.0

18 page types and orientations offered in the pdf creator by dronahq

Choose your orientation – portrait or landscape, pick from 18-page sizes, and tweak margins (Top, Bottom, Left, Right) to your liking. It’s not just static – enjoy utility functions like Zoom In, Zoom Out, and a handy Page Reset option.

Automation 2.0


Now, set schedules effortlessly with powerful CRON expressions. Configure manual webhooks and run the entire flow in preview mode. Test it out in the debugger run logs before taking it live.

Secure embed

embed apps in your portal

With Secure Embed, your custom-built apps can seamlessly integrate into other applications, web pages, and portals.

DronaHQ database

DronaHQ database

Our newest addition! Built on PostgreSQL, it provides a secure haven for your data. Imagine a spreadsheet-like interface that lets you add, edit, delete, and search records effortlessly. Hosted on DronaHQ Cloud, it ensures reliability and accessibility with cloud management perks. CSV import/export is supported for seamless data sharing. 

Developer based pricing

This year we have made additions to our pricing plan. This pricing model is ideal for instances with substantial app usage and a considerable number of end users to be supported. It’s our way of offering a flexible and developer-friendly approach to meet your specific needs.

Customer feedback

Customer feedback

Our unwavering commitment to customer support received immense appreciation, setting us apart from competitors. Customers praised the quality of support, emphasizing our differentiation in the market. To meet evolving needs, we established a dedicated 24×7 support team, ensuring prompt assistance and reinforcing our commitment to customer success.

Insightful events and webinars

MongoDB webinar

All year long, we actively contributed to shaping conversations in the low-code space. Our engaging webinar series featured notable platforms like HarperDB, MariaDB, and others. Additionally, our leadership was sought after as speakers at various esteemed events.

Stay tuned in 2024

From revamped user interfaces to dynamic AI assistance, new UI controls, and powerful add-ons, each update is a step towards simplicity and functionality.

Stay tuned for what’s to come as we continue our journey of creating solutions that not only meet but exceed your digital needs. The future is bright, and at DronaHQ, we’re excited to explore it with you. Get ready for more innovation, more features, and a lot more to come!

Happy 2024!

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