BlogTop 7 inspection & audit checklist app for the field force

Top 7 inspection & audit checklist app for the field force

Gayatri on December 02, 2019

The right set of inspection checklist apps make it easy for you to create and assign tasks, monitor the responses with automatic notifications. The field force helps keep your whole team on task with all the fieldwork and responses. The right tools will enhance their effectiveness by enabling quick responses to the external events at the right time. To top that off, a well-designed checklist app can make it easy to the entire team to keep the communication going with real-time updates, notifications and easy report making in just a few finger taps on the mobile. You can get meaningful reports on every job without the tedious process of manually recording the information and translating to reports.

Don’t waste any more time than required on transactional activities, enable your entire field force with the right integrated web/iOS/Android checklist app and cultivate the safety and quality culture.


Here are 7 inspection checklist apps if you have employees on the field for improved inspections and audits


Retail Store Audit Checklist
Use this app to effectively controls and monitor stock status, store branding, standardization of outlets, store display effectiveness and more. This app can be used to keep track of inventory, product expiry, and how your stocks are moving from individual retail outlets and regions and determine the best performing store. A retail store audit app can also help in monitoring store staff to ensure compliance with safety and cleanliness requirements. You can standardize the audit in line with the company objectives as well as ensure stocks are merchandised and marketed as per norms to avoid legal actions or public humiliation.


Electrical Installation Condition Reporting
Document testing results to ensure the installation site is safe until the next inspection. Use the app to capture detailed information on wear and tear situations, exposed wiring, faulty equipment, leakages, damaged environment and other physical conditions. Send the insights instantly to supervisors for immediate corrective measures required. The app will also help in determining which equipment needs repair or replacement and when to carry out the next inspection. You can capture a photo as evidence for the damage, get signature of the concerned on-site personnel, upload a document or more.


Construction Site Daily Reports
Record the progress of your construction project and ensure work adheres to timeline and financial budgets. Record information about the crew present, weather and temperature, hours worked, sub-contractors present, what phase the project is in, materials and quantities present, any on-site incidents that may disrupt the project or delay timelines. Use this app to obtain complete transparency over the project to create detailed reports for the stakeholders and supervisors and give insights over project statistics.


Maintenance job checklist
Allow field technicians to take down equipment maintenance inspection details. Use this app for new or recurring equipment repair jobs or checking and servicing of operating units. Let the app assist in keeping better track of actions performed and outcomes incurred for safety and quality checks and avoid unexpected downtime or hazards. Identify broader trends and support future investigations with consistent documentation of diagnostics. Allow inspectors to continuously check and assess equipment to ensure uninterrupted work progression.


Field level hazard assessment checklist
Assess the likelihood and consequences of a hazard with a pre-work checklist ensuring the baseline responsibilities at a construction job site are fulfilled before commencing any task. Identify hazards, assess the risk and control exposure to them to identify corrective measures and to prohibit any future problem and help frontline workers in better planning of task execution.


Field service reporting checklist
Document tasks being performed by the field force during client visits and monitor work progress better. Keep track on performance of the field force and service practitioners that are assigned with the field job. Collect details on the physical resources consumed such as a vehicle, tools and equipment, how they were used, managed and maintained. Use the results of the apps to create detailed reports and work towards enhancing field force efficiency by tracking productivity and minimizing operational downtime.


Event risk assessment checklist
Give your event planners and on-site organizers this risk assessment app to identify potential hazards and take instant preventive measures to counter the risks during OOH campaigns, events and projects. Capture details on the nature of the hazards, the severity of it, the likelihood of the hazard occurring, personnel at risk of the identified hazard, as well as their relevant contact information. Gather witness statements and detailed photo evidence. The checklist can be used for any unforeseen injuries and equipment damage before, during or after the event.


Digitizing inspection and audit checklists with DronaHQ

Take your inspection program to the next level using drag & drop checklist builder to add the right input elements to your checklist and standardize data collection. It is incorporated with options to implement your custom business rules and get complete control over the data getting collected from the checklist app. Add the exact UI modules you require for taking down the information and along with workflows for immediate and effective actions using notifications, assigning of tasks, getting approvals, updating the records and even triggering events easily in other enterprise systems using API integrations.

Get access to build customized analytics and dashboards with the data collected to transform it into insightful information. 

DronaHQ empowers the business user to design checklists and deploy them without having to go to the IT or DevOps. These checklist apps built once can run on Android, iOS or Web devices with pre-built configurations that handle the setting up of the app and allowing users to conduct inspections at their convenience. 

Reduce risks and downtime costs. Manage inspections with inspection checklist apps that let you control the entire operations at a click of a button. 


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