Maydencroft customizes inspection reporting with DronaHQ

Gayatri on January 29, 2020

UK-based environmental landscaping and utility company, Maydencroft, mobilizes inspection and audit with DronaHQ,  raising the bar on on-site inspections and effective hazard management.


Restricting capabilities of existing inspection solution

Managing site safety and hazard inspections at scale effectively means knowing what’s working well and what’s not. Managers need to depend on the reports generations from the numerous inputs delivery by the field inspection staff on the mobile inspection checklists. A lot of the operations take place at remote locations where mobile device features like GPS tracking fail to perform normally. 

These are among many challenged behind running a successful site hazard inspection process. 


One size does not fit all

Maydencroft’s existing solution did not allow them to customize the inspection reports. Another problem faced was the inability to accurately track GPS location at remote locations. While the existing inspection tool assisted them with site inspections, the reports generated did not quite solve the purpose. As a result, they lacked desired visibility into the safety inspections being conducted. 

At this point, Maydencroft knew it was time to make a change to a platform that is versatile and flexible to let them implement their business’s requirements, enabling them to use the inspection reports to their advantage.

Aligned with their organizational policies, Maydencroft made the switch to DronaHQ very quickly and seamlessly due to the platform’s no code capabilities. 


Over 800 rule-based inspection questions

The inspection app built on DronaHQ has over 800 questions with conditional yes/no visibility rules on each. The app even reads the GPS coordinates at remote locations from API integration in the app. The information collected from the checklist app is used to automatically generate detailed PDF reports customized as per their business requirements. Pre-defined end-users can further append additional data to the report that the previous solution did not allow. Once the user hits Submit, every stakeholder gets the report, also alerting people that the report has been received. 

Set out to improve the quality, quantity and time of inspection data being collected, Maydencorft found the most fitting solution with DronaHQ’s No Code App Platform.


The app will be a game-changer in the inspection checklist app space

In a place where there was very little flexibility, the ability to generate highly customized pdf reports and further append more operators to the report straight from the app will be a game-changer in the inspection checklist app space giving the site inspectors an impactful app experience,” says Divyesh Kharade, CEO and Co-founder at DronaHQ 


Desired App experience to perform audits quicker and more effectively

The inspectors can use their phone or iPads to conduct inspections, sign-off, report and make comments from their observations even at places that do not have network connectivity. This will facilitate better communication, collaboration and first-class user experience.  



About Maydencroft: 

Maydencroft is a UK-based landscape creation, restoration and maintenance organization that has in the core of its heart people and the environment managing over 2500 hectares of woodland and maintaining 350 major utility infrastructure sites. The company works with a broad range of client within commercial, private, public, utility and charity sector.


About DronaHQ:

DronaHQ is a No-code App development SaaS platform for building business apps (Mobile & Web) and automating business process operations for SMB, Enterprises, Business Units & IT Depts. Offering compelling development productivity gains, speed of delivery of apps while ensuring rich end-user experience. 1 million+ users of Apps built on the platform, 3000+ enterprise-grade apps. ISO 27001, SOC II certified. Presence in Mumbai, Bengaluru, SFO, London.