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Low Code Rapid Application Development

Low code rapid application development enables the delivery of application at faster speeds with minimal hand-coding required. Low code takes care of the boilerplate app development aspects so the developers can jump straight to visual modeling in a graphical drag and drop interface to assemble and configure user interfaces. This removes 90% of data that isn’t needed and allows the developer to focus directly on the 10% of the application that is unique.

DronaHQ Customer Cases
DronaHQ Partener Wipro
Speeding Time-to-Market by 60%

Wipro giant builds internal CRUD apps on top of MySQL and Oracle to provide efficiency and cost optimization through app consolidation and simplification.

LTI Logo
Generates 45% better ROI

LTI builds new tools on top of existing market services like SAP, Workday & Salesforce, driving app adoption rate up and lowering cost and time-to-market.

Mondelez Logo
Driving adoption rates close to 80%

Mondelez builds retail execution apps and gamifies its salesforce engagement process to increase adoption rates, helping them derive essential market KPIs up.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does rad software cost?

Compared to other development models, rapid application development platforms are relatively inexpensive and go on to generate high return on investments. Low code RAD platforms like DronaHQ enable you to leverage your existing talent pool, where both the developers and semi-technical users can collaboratively build digital solutions for business. Some niche rapid application development software may require more seasoned developers. Thus impacting the costs of hiring developers.

What are the Best Rapid Application Development Tools?

The best rapid application development tools often include intuitive collaboration platforms, application governance features and the capacity to build apps through visually modeling. All of these features are included in DronaHQ platform

Rapid application development software needs to be intuitive for platform users to be able to build solutions with. If a rapid software development tool is going to be used to create apps that involve data collection through forms, the drag-and-drop features of a WYSIWYG designer tool are more necessity than a luxury. If the tool is going to be used to create automations, a flowchart like workflow designer should be the way to go. Platform ease of use is the most sought after capability of a tool as most organizations are looking at tools that also enable citizen development.

Another important capability that some rapid application development tools give is a cloud-based/browser-based IDE. Without the need to install any IDE, you can start building solutions and collaborate over a web based visual tool. DronaHQ is one such cloud-based low-code internal tool development platform.

Can Rapid Application Development Tools be Used to Build Android and iOS Apps?

Business users today work on a number of platforms–offices provide desktops, laptops, and even handheld devices, or let employees bring their own devices. This means that any given end user may be using the app you create using: computer browsers, dedicated desktop programs, cloud service, or Android or iOS mobile devices. Cross-platform functionality is a highly-rated rapid application development feature, for this very reason. Build cross-platform tools on DronaHQ >

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