December 21, 2021

New gRPC Connector, Environments, Dynamic Height in Text Control


New gRPC Connector

Now connect DronaHQ to a gRPC service in minutes. DronaHQ adds support for unary requests for reading and writing (including with variables) with gRPC. Combine gRPC data with other datasources, including databases (e.g. Postgres), and other APIs (e.g. Stripe, Firebase, etc.).

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Build with Dev, Prod, and Beta App Environments

Building and running apps in different environments is essential to safely release changes in production. Make use of the App Environment and the Data Environment for developing, testing, and getting apps production-ready.

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Dynamic Height 

Dynamic height property introduced for UI controls like text, textarea to auto adjust height as user enters text.

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Show/Hide in Mobile

Choose whether to show/hide a UI control over web or mobile as per your front-end design.

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