April 30, 2019


We’re pleased to announce new features/changes on Studio (staging) published in this week. Following are the details about these features:

New Feature

  •    Sheets

Column reordering in sheets is now available

    • A pop up will open on clicking “hidden column” buttons (displayed below the sheet name) showing all the column lists with shown/hidden status. By drag drop, the one column to another the column reordering could be done. You can also Hide/show column from this “hidden column” pop up.
    • Turning on/off the toggle button will hide/show a column.
  • Workflow
    • Advance Filter added in Workflow task
      Workflow: Add/Edit Task > Update Sheet option > advance Filter added (Currently filters only considered ‘=’ operator).



  • Builder
    • Auto Save feature has been optimized.
    • Sheet – Control Mapping UI revamped. Now all the controls (controls added after this release) on the Sheet-Control Mapping wizard will be by default disabled. You need to specifically enable it to create the corresponding column in sheets.
  • Sheets
    • Calculated values of formula on a Formula type column does not fetch in app.
    • Improved parsing logic in case of paste from excel to sheets.
    • On deletion of a column remove that column from sorting list and sort by remaining columns.
  • Workflow
    • Formula Wizard Option Enabled in Workflow.
    • Workflow- Add Task – Binding data through formula wizard Option added.


  • Sheets
    • Composite fields were not working in formula columns.
    • Pasting on empty rows creates multiple rows.
    • Created_at and created_by values does not populate when a new row gets added from Sheet editor.
    • Enable/disable sorting toggle (for all sorted columns) not working


  • Builder
    • BODMAS rule for formulas not working issue.
    • Control Unique Name issue on delete/add multiple controls of same type .
    • Custom Functions could not execute issue.
    • Sorting in BINDAPI() does not work.
    • Archived Sheets and deleted columns are displayed in formula Suggestion list & Sheet Mapping wizard .
    • Controls do not work properly when control properties are set with special characters issue.
    • Heading control does not bind data.




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