The best part of enterprise mobility is the productivity boost it delivers down the line. This advantage is most impactful in departments that need to be highly agile and responsive to market feedback and pulse while also connected with internal decision makers. One such department – across industries and regions – is SALES.The buying experience of your customers is largely dependent on the quality delivered by your sale reps whether in store or on field. The quality in turn relies on how well your sale reps are trained on products or services and customer service skills, not to mention how empowered and confident they feel during customer conversations.According to analyst firm Demand Metrics, disconnects and misperceptions between sales and marketing teams lead to bad sales experiences. Of these, 72% create revenue loss while 70% damage the prospect relationship, to a degree that takes years or months to rebuild.This is where mobile sales enablement solutions prove their value. As per an IDC Research Poll, 66% teams meet quota using mobile apps that help to align marketing and sales.

So what do your salespersons need to hit the “appiness” point?

1. Simple, direct access to sales support collateral

When marketing and sales communicate over emails or content systems that are not intuitive or easily accessible, salespeople end up creating their own stuff. Not only does this take valuable time away from their core function which is selling, it can create wrong expectations – content may not be updated or 100% accurate.

A mobile sales app eliminates this stopgap. Marketing teams feed updated collateral into organized content systems that can be accessed by sale reps on their smartphones, anytime, anywhere. They can even tweak content to align it closely with a prospect’s needs – minutes before a sales meeting.

2. CRM integration

A no brainer – sale reps need quick access to CRM data all the time. An informed sales rep can deliver pitches better and empathize with a prospect’s real needs.

With CRM integration, sale reps can quickly browse the mobile app to understand the relationship between the brand and the prospect, the interactions, current status of conversation, purchasing behavior, social profile, etc. All of this helps to build a buyer persona.

3. Instant order capture

Too often a deal is lost while in the making because of to and fro loops between the sales rep and the supplier or an approving authority. Instead, the sales rep could quickly look up the mobile sales app for product inventory levels and other details such as shipping, etc., and book the order then and there.

He could also generate an order booking email and send it out to the customer without any delays.

4. Quick connect to in-house product/service experts

Prospects may often ask questions the salesperson is not qualified or equipped to answer. That should not become a bottleneck in the buying cycle.

A mobile sales app would allow the sales rep to connect with an in-house expert instantly via chat, video conferencing or audio and resume the sales conversation. The in-house expert could push more informative, detailed collateral to the sales guy in real time, helping sales demonstrate the ROI and value of the purchase to the prospective buyer.

5. On the go notes and administrative work

Sale reps can use their commuting time productively by feeding notes into the mobile sales app for their personal use, setting a calendar appointment for the next meeting, and updating the CRM. Not only is the recordkeeping up to date, the sales rep doesn’t have a backlog to attend to at the end of the day. Instead, he can focus on sales-centric activities that’ll earn him that incentive! Now, that’s a great reason for sales “appiness”!

6. An ROI calculator

Now an ROI calculator would be the icing on the mobile sales app. Once a prospect is convinced about the value of the purchase, sales can use the ROI calculator to cement the case. Job well done!

These are just some of the use cases for a mobile sales enablement solution. Sit down with your sales team and find out what they need to work better and happier! Start there!