January 20, 2021

New Marketplace for Screens

Launching New Screen Marketplace to further reduce app dev efforts and make app kick offs quicker.


We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new marketplace of screens. The screen marketplace, similar to DronaHQ’s template app marketplace, simplifies frontend UI and backend logic. The new categories include Data Capture, online forms, process automation workflow, database apps, each further breaks down to more specific use cases.

This will act as a good starting point for our users who need to build apps as now they get to Start from a Screen Template instead of a blank canvas. And they see all the use cases the platform can support for the pre-built use-cases acting as inspirations. They can Create modern experiences with fully customizable and responsive Screen templates for Mobile and Web Apps.

Say a user wants to build a database app to process purchase orders. In the marketplace he can find ready screens that he can further customize the app using the drag and drop builder or add more controls from the marketplace and create great user experience apps for the most common use cases.

The digital business world is changing rapidly, and so are the business app requirements. With DronaHQ’s low-code platforms, CIOs can find a suitable opportunity to democratize application development by enabling business users to utilize pre-built templates and quick-start tools to help define key app components and functionalities – continuously delivering viable versions of apps in real time as they are ready.

With DronaHQ, everything is done in an all-inclusive environment that allows for better realization of app needs without constant dependence on enterprise IT teams. An HR manager building employee engagement apps on the DronaHQ platform commented, “Ever since the pandemic has set out I’ve built over 15 apps on low-code, from simple WFH attendance apps to complex project management apps. But as the days progress I see newer processes that can be automated or performed better with the aid of an app. The screen templates are proving to be a great asset as the base screen layout and workflows are already set up for me and I just need to map them to my database and stakeholders.

Test users of the marketplace screens have reported as much as 30% reduction in total time to get started with their apps. Some even claim the default functionality of the app is good enough for initial user testing.

The new screen marketplace goes on to add to DronaHQ’s aim to make enterprise application development faster and easier than ever before by simplifying and speeding yet another app development activity. Users can get their hands on DronaHQ’s platform for free to experience the ready templates the platform has to offer.

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