December 18, 2023

How Redstamp Streamlined its Operations with DronaHQ

In industries where every detail matters, technology ensures precision and accuracy in every facet of the manufacturing and distribution process. From excise tax stamping systems to automated case-cutting machinery, the technology guarantees that each operation is executed meticulously, minimizing errors and maximizing quality.

That’s where Redstamp comes in. Redstamp excels as the foremost provider of specialized automation equipment for innovative distribution and manufacturing, leading in excise tax stamping systems, automated case cutting, and material handling solutions.

Redstamp has customers across the United States, Canada, and Mexico, and they faced a critical challenge – their existing system wasn’t meeting the needs of their customer operators to enhance machine startup and shutdown procedures, troubleshoot errors, and standardize operator training.

Martin is an IoT engineer at Red Stamp, initially considered developing the solution in-house, but the complexity and resource requirements were overwhelming. 

Redstamp’s use case involves providing Opsguide to machine operators for tracking, startup checklists, shutdown checklists, error troubleshooting, and operator training. 


What was required by Redstamp

Requirements, in the realm of technology and development, serve as the blueprint guiding the creation and functionality of systems. As Redstamp serves many customers it was important to give them the functionality for seamless operations

“So our customers when they log on to their machines or start their machines, we wanted to provide two things, one, we wanted to have the ability to track them”. says Martin. 

Redstamp’s use case was broad, they needed: 

1. Machine Logon/Startup Checklist:

  • Track users when they log on or start their machines.
  • Provide a startup checklist displaying the necessary steps for machine startup.
  • Validate that users have followed the proper steps during startup.

2. Machine Checkout/Shutdown Checklist:

  • Provide a checkout checklist for shutting down the machine.
  • Validate that users have taken the proper steps to shut down the machine.

3. Information During Machine Runtime:

  • Provide information about the machine while it’s running.
  • Users can use the application to find and troubleshoot errors that may occur.
  • Access PDFs and videos for more troubleshooting information.

4. Training for Operators:

  • Provide training for operators using the application.
  • Users can access step-by-step training on how to operate and utilize the machine.
  • Standardize training so that every operator receives the same information.


How DronaHQ helped Redstamp achieve their requirements

Martin, intrigued by the capabilities of DronaHQ, developed a proof of concept that wowed the team. The flexibility and customization options were pivotal in Redstamp’s decision to adopt the platform.

Machine logon/startup checklist:

  • Real-time tracking of user logins and machine startups.
  • Customizable startup checklist displayed on the application.
  • Validation mechanisms to ensure proper startup procedures.

Machine checkout/shutdown checklist:

  • User-friendly checkout checklist for machine shutdown.
  • Validation checks to confirm adherence to shutdown procedures.

Information during runtime error handling:

  • Real-time machine status updates and error alerts.
  • Access to a repository of PDFs and videos for troubleshooting.

Redstamp extended the functionality to allow customers to update information on machinery added into their system through a self-service system, reducing the dependency on Red Stamp for such tasks.

The deployment process involved making the application accessible through the internet, allowing machine operators to access it easily. Redstamp received positive responses during the beta testing phase, and the mass rollout was planned for the new year.

Martin appreciated the support from DronaHQ, finding them responsive and flexible despite the time difference. The ability to call support and the availability of resources online were helpful in the ever-evolving landscape of industrial automation, Redstamp’s success story with DronaHQ stands as a testament to the transformative power of versatile, user-friendly solutions in enhancing operational efficiency and customer empowerment.

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