January 18, 2022

How Endy sped up customer support ticket resolution time with DronaHQ

There are a ton of mattress manufacturers in North America. How do they differentiate themselves from their peers? Laser focus on optimization of the internal processes that guarantee customer and employee delight! 

Endy, Canada’s leading online mattress brand that launched in 2015, has been adopting some of the finest SaaS tools in the market to optimize its sales and customer support operations, both for its customers and employees. As the company has been seeing explosive sales growth, it has been making significant investments in enriching the customer experience.

With increasing sales and a growing customer support team, working with simple spreadsheet based solutions and manual data fetching and entering was no longer feasible. This is when the Lead of Process Improvement, Emily Gerette, enters the picture.

Emily is always on the lookout to innovate and optimize how the team works internally.

The company wanted to speed up the process of pulling off various customer attributes and shipping partner information from distributed data sources to power internal operations such as reporting and return and replacement order fulfillment.

Customer support thrives on data accessibility and collaboration. As the data resides across multiple systems that don’t natively interact with one another, it slows down the customer support reps to take quick and informed decisions. To help the team get out of the mundane data fetching cycle and make the process agile, Emily and the Endy Team turned to DronaHQ to create a custom tool that knits together all the multiple sources of truth.

Here is how Endy has built the internal admin tools that connect their internal data sources and automate the flow of information, helping the support team work the way they need.

The trials of integrating and getting the customer details in one place 

When it came to tackling the problem, Emily lasered in on an all too common problem: manually pulling up information. As a customer would write in their concern and the support team would submit, say, a product replacement request, information needs to be pulled out from their 

  1. Shopify to determine order information, customer details, product details. This information was being manually pulled by the customer service team and fed into their records.
  2. Microsoft SQL Server to determine the lot number associated with products sold from their database, so this lot can be recorded and tracked when there is an issue with an item. They had to ask the customers to find the lot number printed on the product itself, since this information was not easily accessible by the Customer Service Team from the database.
  3. Google Sheets to retrieve which partner to use based on the product types, the location of the customer, and the product condition. 

Solving Customer Service woes with Internal Tools

To create a better experience for the customers as well as the customer service team, streamlining this process was of utmost importance. 

After exploring no-code automation tools, Endy decided to use DronaHQ because in addition to automating the flow of information, DronaHQ enabled the team to easily design a powerful user interface

Using DronaHQ’s low-code platform, there are  two internal tools that are empowering Endy’s customer service representatives to access customer information from all the apps and databases at one place. First, an Orders Action app to pull information from Shopify and Microsoft SQL server so the team won’t have to manually fetch and enter details every time they need to submit a report. And second, Return Partner Lookup app, which was integrated with their partner database sitting in Google Sheets. This tool gave the entire  team a single interface to identify the right shipping partner. 

Here are some key functionalities in the tool:

  1. Search for customer details: As soon as a new customer query comes, The support team can use the internal tools to pull in order and customer details from Shopify and MS SQL database.
  2. Search for partners: The team can quickly search for shipping partners from their Google Sheets
  3. Accurate reporting: By removing the need to manually enter data into sheets and reports, they are able to capture accurate information

The app increased the accuracy of the information entered, which is crucial to our reporting.

Our team has nearly doubled, so the conventional method of lookup no longer worked, as there would often be multiple team members trying to use the Google Sheet at the same time. The DronaHQ tool allows the team to access the app for individual use at the same time, where they select product type, condition, location etc. without interfering with each other.

The app increased the accuracy of the information entered, which is crucial to our reporting. “The MS SQL integration in particular resulted in a better experience for our customers since they no longer need to provide this,” shared Emily. The tool has made the jobs of the customer service team much easier. They can go to one place (app) whenever they need to initiate a request stemming from a customer order, rather than going to various different Google Sheets to document issues or file requests manually.

It’s all about finding the right tool to build with

While Endy is taking its customers’ sleep to the next level, DronaHQ is helping the Endy team speed up their back-office operations with unmatched speed and unmatched flexibility.

Talking about the tool adoption rates, the customer service team is using the tools multiple times every day.

Getting up and running with DronaHQ was quick, simple, and required no code. “I was able to get the tool ready in a few weeks, getting the necessary help from DronaHQ’s community support, documentation, and the administrators of our Shopify and MS SQL database for the necessary authentication details and SQL queries respectively,” Gerette shared.

While the time it takes to resolve a ticket is subjective to various parameters, “The internal process for submitting a request or documenting an issue is now much simpler and faster for the Customer Service Team, which means they are able to solve tickets faster,” further explains Emily. “The main benefit aside from process improvement was the accuracy of the information being submitted, since we completely removed manual data entry.

DronaHQ has been a huge productivity booster for the team by helping them connect the dots between the various customer and internal team touchpoints so that they can focus on what matters.

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