October 06, 2017

DronaHQ announces support for Azure App Service for Mobile apps

We are happy to announce that DronaHQ now helps containerize mobile apps built on Azure Mobile service. Azure Mobile service makes it easy for mobilizing the Azure web apps. Azure makes it possible to build native as well as hybrid apps.

For customers who are looking at shortest path from the web app endpoint to mobile – DronaHQ will offer a container specialized for Azure Mobile service.

DHQ AMS container will support:

  • Packaged web app deployment built using JavaScript SDK of Azure Mobile service.
  • Web link based deployment for directly enabling web links on the container
  • Native deployments of apps built using xamarin or native SDK of Azure Mobile service

Packaged web apps in DHQ AMS container will provide a complete offline experience & will provide a sandboxed space for storing data securely for a given app

Here is a part of an excerpt from conversation with our DHQ AMS Tech Lead:

We deal with two types of apps – apps which are already made & exists & new apps which are yet to be built. Below conversation is around porting of apps that are already built on DHQ AMS

Q: For end users – how does it makes sense?
A: It ends up being like sharepoint for end users. In a way it is an abstraction layer for users. They get to access all apps from one place. They dont have to bother about upgrading any of the individual apps or discovering and downloading any specific app.

It becomes a fully managed endpoint for the end users & this greatly increases overall user experience

Q: Authentication, Push Notifications or any other functionality related code changes needed in your app for running on DHQ Container?
A: Authentication of users will piggy back on methods that Azure supports. Push notifications need to be redirected to DHQ container API. Thats about it.

Q: How will offline or local file saving or any native device feature call be affected in DHQ AMS?
A: There wont be a need to do any code change for those functionalities. DHQ AMS will take care of porting these and making it work.

Q: What is the real benefit from a developer standpoint to bring Azure apps on DHQ?
A: Developers who build for DHQ containers work on an abstraction layer which is above cordova. That saves them all the hardwork dealing with issues & fixes on cordova. Having said this, they can spend their energies on functionality of app.

Q: Is there any saving of time in building each app?
A: It does saves time & effort of writing authentication, push services or inbox in each of the apps that they write. Besides it does save on packaging of apps for app stores or private app stores or MAM/MDM.

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Divyesh Kharade

Co-Founder DronaHQ, on a quest to disrupt the Enterprise Mobility space.

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