August 08, 2023

5 Best AI tools for product managers in 2024

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has rapidly become a driving force across industries, and one area where its impact is highly noticeable is product management. The utilization of AI tools in product management practices has become more commonplace, introducing new levels of efficiency and strategic decision-making. In this blog, we’ll explore the practical role AI plays in various industries, with a focus on how it’s applied in product management. Our goal is to uncover the tangible benefits AI offers to product managers as they navigate the challenges of a rapidly evolving business landscape.

Whether you’re engaged in constructing an MVP, formulating product requirement documents for a fresh feature, or striving to enhance your proficiency as a product manager, these tools are here to back and elevate your efforts at every juncture of advancement! 

Top AI tools for product managers in 2024

Market research and insights

Google Trends

Google Trends

In the ever-evolving business and consumer behavior landscape, staying ahead of market trends is paramount. Powered by advanced AI, Google Trends is among the best AI tools for product managers which equips product managers and market researchers with insights into shifting search patterns and user interests. By analyzing anonymized Google search data, this tool reveals global audience inclinations, aiding in the identification of demand surges and regional preferences. Its user-friendly interface and customizable filters make it an invaluable resource for informed decision-making. Essentially, Google Trends serves as an AI-guided compass, navigating product managers through the ever-changing landscape of consumer intent.

Noteworthy features

Real-time insights: Google Trends provides up-to-the-minute data on search trends, allowing you to access the latest information and adapt your strategies accordingly.

Regional analysis: The tool offers geographic breakdowns, enabling you to pinpoint where your audience’s interests are highest and tailor your marketing efforts geographically.

Comparative analysis: Google Trends lets you compare the popularity of multiple search terms, helping you identify trends and patterns that might influence your product strategies.

Related queries: It displays related search queries, giving you a deeper understanding of user intent and the topics that surround your product or industry.

Trending searches: Google Trends showcases the most trending searches, allowing you to seize opportunities aligned with real-time consumer interests and emerging market trends.


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Data-driven decision making



H2O.AI is a transformative tool that empowers organizations with the capability to harness data for effective decision-making. At its core, H2O.AI is a powerhouse of machine learning and AI algorithms designed to extract actionable insights from complex datasets. By facilitating predictive analytics and data visualization, H2O.AI equips decision-makers with a clear understanding of trends, patterns, and potential outcomes. Whether optimizing business operations, enhancing customer experiences, or strategizing for growth, H2O.AI stands as a beacon of data-driven empowerment.

Noteworthy features 

Advanced machine learning algorithms: H2O.AI offers a comprehensive suite of machine learning algorithms, enabling users to build predictive models, classification algorithms, and clustering analyses to extract meaningful insights from their data.

AutoML capabilities: The tool’s AutoML functionality automates the process of model selection and hyperparameter tuning, making it easier for users with varying levels of expertise to generate accurate models quickly.

Interpretability and explainability: H2O.AI provides features to interpret and explain the models it generates, enhancing transparency and aiding decision-makers in understanding the reasoning behind predictions.

Scalability and performance: With its distributed computing framework, H2O.AI can handle large-scale datasets and perform complex computations efficiently, ensuring high performance even when dealing with vast amounts of data.

Integration and deployment: H2O.AI seamlessly integrates with popular data analytics and visualization tools, making it easy to incorporate its insights into existing workflows. Additionally, it supports model deployment in various environments, enabling the application of data-driven insights to real-world scenarios.


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Chinmay Agarwal, Senior Product Manager at Kearney says:

Chinmay agrawal on how AI solved data related challenges

Customer insights and personalization

Adobe Target

Adobe target

Adobe Target emerges as a pivotal asset, driven by the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI). With a profound emphasis on enhancing customer experiences, this AI-based tool brings forth a new era of insights and personalization. Through meticulous analysis of user behavior and preferences, Adobe Target empowers businesses to tailor their offerings with unparalleled precision. From dynamic content variations to automated recommendations, the tool facilitates personalized interactions that resonate with individual users. With AI at its core, Adobe Target continually refines its understanding of customer preferences, adapting strategies to optimize engagement and conversion rates.

Noteworthy features 

Advanced personalization algorithms: Adobe Target leverages AI-powered algorithms to analyze user data, enabling businesses to deliver tailored experiences by recommending relevant content, products, and offers based on individual behaviors.

Dynamic content delivery: The tool allows dynamic modification of website content and messaging in real-time, ensuring that each visitor is presented with the most relevant information, resulting in higher engagement and conversions.

A/B testing and optimization: Adobe Target offers robust A/B testing capabilities with AI-driven insights, enabling businesses to experiment with different content variations and design to identify the most effective strategies for engaging customers.

Automated decisioning: With AI-driven decisioning, Adobe Target automatically selects the most appropriate experience for each user in real-time, making split-second decisions to optimize conversions and customer satisfaction.

Behavioral analytics: The tool provides deep insights into user behavior, helping businesses understand how customers interact with their digital properties. These insights enable data-driven decisions and the crafting of personalized experiences that align with customer preferences.


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Kedar Parikh, Chief Product Officer at Netcore Cloud, a leading martech platform says:

Kedar parikh on AI


Agile project management & notes summarization



Notion stands out as an exceptional solution, seamlessly integrating AI capabilities to revolutionize project management, note summarization, and action item creation. Harnessing the power of AI, Notion enables efficient project planning, tracking, and collaboration, ensuring that teams stay synchronized and objectives are met. Additionally, its AI-driven note summarization feature Notion AI transforms lengthy notes into succinct insights, saving time while maintaining essential details. The tool’s AI prowess further extends to creating actionable tasks from discussions and ideas, fostering a seamless transition from brainstorming to execution. 

Noteworthy features 

AI-driven note summarization: Notion employs AI to distill lengthy notes into concise summaries, ensuring essential information is accessible at a glance while saving time for users.

Flexible project management: With versatile templates and customizable databases, Notion adapts to various project management methodologies, empowering teams to plan, track, and collaborate effectively.

Task automation: Leveraging AI, Notion can automatically generate actionable tasks from discussions and notes, facilitating seamless transitions from ideas to execution.

Smart document organization: Notion’s AI-enhanced organization system intuitively categorizes and tags notes, making it effortless to locate information and maintain a structured knowledge base.


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Business: $15 per user/month

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Customer feedback and support



Zeda.io emerges as a beacon, revolutionizing the way businesses harness and act upon customer feedback. This AI-powered tool is designed with a laser focus on helping customer-focused teams unlock the goldmine of insights hidden within feedback streams. By seamlessly centralizing and segmenting customer input, Zeda.io empowers businesses to pinpoint customer problems and align product strategies with precision. The platform’s AI prowess shines as it generates actionable insights from collected feedback, offering a deeper understanding of customer needs and preferences.

Noteworthy features

AI-Generated insights: Zeda.io’s AI engine generates actionable insights from the collected feedback, offering deeper understanding of customer preferences, pain points, and opportunities for enhancement.

Segmentation and prioritization: The tool enables segmentation of customer feedback based on various criteria, helping businesses identify common pain points and prioritize improvements that align with customer needs.

Feedback loop closure: Zeda.io facilitates the complete feedback loop by seamlessly integrating insights into the product development cycle, ensuring that customer input is transformed into tangible improvements that enhance customer satisfaction and drive business success.


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Prashant Mahajan, Founder at Zeda.io says:

Prashant mahajan on building Zeda.io

Navigating the AI frontier: A new horizon for product managers

From market research to data-driven decision-making and personalized user experiences, the best AI tools for product managers serve as dynamic companions throughout the product life cycle. These tools aren’t just innovations; they’re the compass guiding product managers through the complexities of modern business. By embracing these AI-powered allies, product managers can harness the transformative potential of technology, ensuring that their strategies remain agile, their decisions informed, and their products poised for continual growth in a rapidly changing landscape. 

Moreover, in this landscape of innovation, the concept of low code has risen, introducing efficiency and speed to product development. Notably, platforms like DronaHQ offer the means to build custom AI-powered internal tools and empower product managers to swiftly craft MVPs. This fusion of AI and low code propels product managers into a future where innovation knows no bounds, reshaping industries, and ushering in an era of unparalleled growth. 

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Bonus: AI Summarizer

AI summarizer is a freemium tool that allows product managers to quickly extract main sentences or ideas from documents, emails, or from lengthy user reviews. All they need to do is just provide the lengthy content to the tool, and get a concise and to-the-point version in no time. In order to efficiently condense the given text, the tool uses advanced Artificial Intelligence algorithms. The algorithms first identify the main points in the input text and then create a summarized version of those points. Moreover, this AI tool allows product managers to set the summary length that will be created by the tool according to their personal preferences. 

Noteworthy features: 

AI-based summarization: It makes use of diverse Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) to quickly and accurately perform text summarization. 

Quick retrieval of main information: AI summarizer can quickly extract the most important points from emails, customer feedback, etc. This will save both time and effort for product managers, as they don’t have to interact with lengthy pieces to understand the main idea or message. 

Multilingual Support: This tool can summarize content in seven different languages. This makes it highly suitable for product managers in most parts of the world.  


Unlimited free trial. 

Basic: $4/week

Standard: $7/month

Enterprise: $39/year

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