Putting Apps to work with newly launched Automation

Gayatri on February 01, 2020

Hourly, daily, weekly, conditional event triggers, now set them like clockwork with the new addition to DronaHQ platform.


We are pleased to announce the launch of Automation to schedule events in the DronaHQ environment. This is going to be a great new add-on to Workflows to get as many things running as and when you want. 


“This feature is going to let app users schedule time-based daily, weekly, hourly, monthly and even yearly events from the apps. It’s a no-nonsense way to automate essential tasks that otherwise require human intervention like conditional reminders and notifications,” says Fenil Jain, Engineering Lead at DronaHQ.


Events across different apps and platforms can trigger actions-say, for example, a salesperson submits form entry on an app and your CRM database gets updated. You have also set up an email welcome message that informs respective teams to follow-up. This can be achieved easily with the right combination of workflow tasks and API integrations. But there is something that is still not in the control of the app or the workflow which can have a greater influence on the business functions and that is time.


“We already had Workflows to automate the steps to be taken after a user interacts with the app but Automation will take it one step ahead, and putting the tools to work instead of user-induced triggers,” says Divyesh Kharade, CEO at DronaHQ.


A classic example of time-based triggers that will benefit from Automation is that of Compliance Management. The manager has to ensure compliance with laws and standards, failing which can lead to serious damage to both the company and it’s customers. Compliance managers maintain a database of formal contracts for track-keeping and renewals. It won’t be ideal to forget about the renewal after the deadline has passed. With Automation, a mechanism can be set that reads the date-to-renewal/expiry every day at 6 am and if there are 15 days remaining for the renewal, the designated user will be alerted.


Automations will not be limited to tasks on the no-code app and database. “You can bind APIs to integrate with your favorite apps, say, Gmail, Trello or enterprise software like Salesforce or Jira and set up events like daily reminders, automatic report generation, scheduled emails to your inbox and a whole lot more,” says Divyesh. “There were many use cases similar to compliance management where our users were facing challenges to automate basic tasks that were time-bound rather than action-bound: Daily reminders, emails, data scanning, and updates, resetting of information, managing expiry dates and so on. While looking for an effortless solution for our customers, we created Automation.”


Automation has been rolled out for general availability to all users building their apps on the DronaHQ environment.


For inquiries or more information on Automation and No-Code, chat with us.


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