7 Must-Have Procurement Apps

Typically before going on a business trip, you would pack your laptop to take your work with you. This mindset is slowly changing. Professionals have started to take just their mobile devices along as they can conduct all their work from it.   The shift in procurement  The world is ..
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Improve your Procurement KPIs

More and more organizations are realising the value in proper procurement systems. As a result, they are constantly looking for means to improve their procurement processes and let it drive value beyond time and cost savings. Teams want to back their decisions with the right data and ..
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Digital Disruption

This is the closest the business users can get to the solution development process.   [Mumbai, India]: No Code Platform DronaHQ unveils a hidden opportunity for B2B startups in the no-code space. With the IT departments struggling to keep pace with the demands of the business line, ..
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