February 28, 2018

Technuter: Focus on App Usage and ease of Managing Multiple Apps is the winning ingredient

“Focus on App Usage and ease of Managing Multiple Apps is the winning ingredient” – By, Mr. Jinen Dedhia, DronaHQ Co-Founder & MD

DronaHQ is an advanced and comprehensive mobile application platform used by enterprises to quickly and efficiently develop, connect, run and manage modern micro apps over smartphones, desktops, browsers and smart devices. It helps build apps faster and at lower costs while improving usage. Being industry agnostic, DronaHQ can also be used to create business apps for any workflow, process, role, department or industry.

Every company and their enterprise IT systems evolve in a unique manner and they require a 360-degree toolset to mobilize which is honestly quite a complicated task considering a BYOD policy and its security mandate. What becomes critical is how they can keep it simple for their end users without complicating the usage. After spending multiple thousands of dollars if the users don’t use, it’s futile effort.

That’s where DronaHQ has excelled. Keeping the reality of complications of mobilizing hidden from the eventual users and giving them a one click simplified access all under one roof. Also, for the enterprise IT, it’s a unified approach without involving multiple vendors and moving parts which is a big win and they have seen huge success with such an integrated approach.

While consumer mobility and consumer mobile apps is mainstream, enterprise mobility is now picking up and consumerization of enterprise is kicking in. More and more systems, workflows, processes etc. are getting mobilized. Enterprise systems are complicated with a mix of legacy apps, marketplace apps, new gen apps and all of them are disparate. Almost every other company is struggling with this problem and addressing this challenge has been a big inspiration and vision for DronaHQ.


Jinen Dedhia, Co-founder DronaHQ
Jinen Dedhia, Co-founder DronaHQ

What makes DronaHQ different from others?
Focus on App Usage and ease of Managing Multiple Apps is the winning ingredient.

There are many enterprise mobile platform providers, DronaHQ’s differentiation is its architecture and approach of providing a universal app to users and ease of building modern apps using just the web skills.

Enterprise-grade security stack is pre-loaded and future-proofing the app for ever-changing mobile technology upgrades is taken care by DronaHQ. Various technology stacks for user management, app management, security compliance, customization, content management are present, making it simple for enterprise teams to just focus on their business elements.

Tell us about the latest trends in the Enterprise Mobile Industry? What are the key industry challenges?
Gartner predicts “70 percent of all software interactions in the enterprise will occur on mobile devices”, while Report from IDC says that by 2019, 75% of workers using enterprise applications will take help of intelligent personal assistants for increasing efficiency and productivity. While chatbots and IoT based applications while continue to grow.

Which are the key areas does DronaHQ see itself playing a major role in the future of enterprise mobility?
Mobilizing various business applications is no longer an option for organization. Employees & Partners today not only expect a unified mobile experience, but also an intuitive, converational and productive experience. Hence an advanced platform capable of creating such apps and a user-centric mindset is critical to any successful mobility program, and we at DronaHQ are looking at unlocking this potential.

How Indian companies (company employees or the end users) are adopting digital transformation? What are the challenges during implementation?
In Microsoft survey of Senior Business Leaders in India, Organizations have seen 53% increase in productivity of employees and 36% Operational efficiency achieved.

Employees are exposed to consumer apps which have rich user experience and expect similar experience for enterprise apps. Companies are constantly trying to find a right balance between enterprise security compliance and seamless user experience.

DevOps & Maintenance of multiple apps is adding lot of resource & time consumption, hence solutions like Unified Mobile App are need for scaling digital transformation initiatives.

Tell us about the journey / The story behind, how DronaHQ was incorporated?
Founded in 2007, DronaHQ is the brainchild of my friend Divyesh Kharade and me. Born and brought up in Mumbai, I have studied BE in Computers from Sardar Patel College of Engineering and Divyesh has holds a BE in Electronics.

Post our college we worked together at Wipro. Though we did exciting work at Wipro, there was always a missing element of a lack of visibility of the projects that we were working on. That uneasiness grew over a period of 1.5 years before we decided to chart our own path. While a lot of our colleagues were either switching jobs, going abroad for their MS or taking up an MBA course, we knew none of that was going to excite us. Instead, we decided to give ourselves a couple of years to take a shot at entrepreneurship and since then there has been no looking back.

What is the strength of the organization (team) and the scale of operations?
Mumbai being our headquarters, we are roughly a 60 people team with branch offices in Bangalore, Delhi and SFO.

The company is ISO 27001:2017 & SOC Type II certified and has over 300,000 users across 100+ enterprise customers with more than 400 different types of apps built for various customers in BFSI, Pharma, ITeS, Energy, Pharma and FMCG for various functions like apps for approvals, punching order, reports and among others. We also partner with multiple System Integrators to service our customers.

Tell us about DronaHQ’s future plans
We will be introducing IoT based and conversational app development feature in DHQ Studio with ready made templates, library and codes.

From the business point of view we are planning to explore and expand to the US and Europe market in the coming years.

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