August 13, 2019


We’re pleased to announce new features/changes on Studio published in this week. Following are the details about these features:

New Feature

  • Workflow
  • ITERATE THIS TASK and Update Task.You can now iterate or execute an Update Task repeatedly based on a reference column from list of either INITIATED columns or Last Tasks columns (TIDs).
  • Builder
    • Repeater control: A new option called Section Repeat can be found under FORM > SELECTION control list. Click on this control and then drag and drop any desired control within the Section Repeat control area.
    • Single Quantity: It is a single unit control (also known as Basic type of control) similar to Quantity (where quantity is a composite type control). The UI is same as that of Quantity control, but it accepts only number/decimal as input.
    •  GeoMap: This control shows a map on which you can plot a location pin using coordinates (Latitude & Longitude). To plot the pin simply insert the coordinates within double quotes separated by comma.
    • GeoFencing: This control is similar to the GeoMap control except that you can plot multiple pins, including your current location, on the map where the coordinates can be stored in a list or a sheet column.
    • Control Builder interface (Control Editor) has been introduced for developers to develop new controls or edit existing one in their channel.
    • A new option called “Set Permission for Fields Display” has been introduced in Input and Approval Tasks.
    • New Function
      • UNIQUEID()
        Definition – GENERATE A UNIQUE ID
      • Usage – To generate a randow system generated Unique ID; for instances – Access Keys/License                  Keys etc.
      •  NUMBER()
        Definition – TEXT TO NUMBER CONVERTER
      • Usage – When there is a number format mismatch, i.e. comparing number stored in a text box with Number control
      •  STRING()
        Definition – NUMBER TO TEXT CONVERTER.
      • Usage – When there is a number format mismatch, i.e. comparing data in Number control with number stored in a text box
      •  RANGE()
        Definition – Given two numbers this function will return the array of integers between these two values enteredUsage – To generate a series of numbers between two numbers
      •  SELECT()
        Definition – Based on given Index, return a value from provided list of values. Values can be comma separated parameters or can be arrays of parameters or, where index starts from 1 and is mentioned as last parameter.
      • Usage – Return value based on rank/index
      • SELECTANY()
      • Definition – This function gives one random value between the input entered.This function accepts a integer, string, array and values separated by comma.
      • Usage – To select random question in Quiz
      •  EXCELTIME()
      • Usage – Many Formula requires date in Excel format. Using date from a Date Picker will not work directly. Hence you have to convert the Unix Time to Excel time and pass it to the desired formula.
      •  UNIXTIME()
        Input to the function is Excel Time (in days) and output is Unix Time (in milliseconds with reference to 1st Jan 1970)
        InputForm & OutputForm indicates the format of UnixTime and Output respectively. The parameter is either milliseconds (m) or seconds (s) or in days (d).
        Here Default Input must be greater than or equal to 25569 and should in number of days with reference to 1st Jan 1970.
      • Definition – This function returns those destinations latitude and longitude pairs that are under the distance from the source latitude and longitude.
      • Usage – In Geo related controls

For the curious souls, here is a signup for early access to DronaHQ Low code platform . Please reach out to me if you would like to know anything specific on Low code/ No Code capability. 

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