Chirag Jain
March 19, 2019


It’s time to enhance your apps in Studio with the following new features & fixes released during this week.

New Feature

  • Builder
    • Default Values can be put up using formulas in formula box in list type controls like checkbox, dropdown, radio, etc.
    • ISEMPTY(), ISNOTEMPTY() have been introduced in formula.

ISEMPTY(LOOKUP([])) will return true if the result set is blank

ISNOTEMPTY(LOOKUP([])) will return true if the result set has some data

  • Sheets
    • Paste same value in range of cell selections
    • Delete multi selected rows


  • Builder
    • LOOKUP issue fixed for single column in Sheet Lookup Control
  • Sheets
    • Number cell gets updated with NaN gets when edited
    • Pasting single column from Excel to sheet in iOS pastes data in single cell only
    • Creating two consecutive drop-down columns, options of first drop-down overridden by options of second drop-down
  • Workflow
    • Workflow flowchart – wrong task type display issue fixed
    • The task name is incorrectly mentioned as “Update_master’ instead of Update.
    • Assignment sequence issue fixed
    • Update Sheet task – fields missing issue fixed
    • Suggestions added wherever required
    • Missing keywords added
    • Date time format in keywords fixed
    • Hover effect added for delete task button
    • Confirmation popup added for delete task action
    • Status App –  Unix timestamp fixed
    • Status App –  keyword date time format fixed
    • Status App –  time zone added in format for date and time
    • Status App –  task due time alignment fixed
    • Status App –  UI beautification for files, links and selection controls
    • Status App –  ordering of components in composite control fixed
    • Status App –  address control vertical alignment fixed
    • Status App –  online offline screen added

For the curious souls, here is a signup for early access to DronaHQ Low code platform . Please reach out to me if you would like to know anything specific on Low code/ No Code capability.

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