Chirag Jain
March 19, 2019


These notes will help you keep a track on what’s happening at the Studio’s end.

Following is the list of features/changes introduced in Studio this week.

New Features

  • Workflows
    • Insert task and Update/Insert – Now you can create an insert only task (Insert Only is an option in Update Task), where you can insert a record/data in the desired sheet.
    • Update record but insert if no record found – This option will work same as Update Task if the record is found. But, if the record is not found while searching then insert a new record in that sheet.
  • Sheets
    • Sheet Undo/Redo – You can now undo/redo changes in the sheet until you click Save button.
    • Hide/Show Columns – Now you can hide/show a column in the sheet.
    • Delete a Row & a Column in Sheets.
    • Split View Columns – You can change the view of composite column. View all the units of a composite column in individual columns or view composite column in a single column.
    • Single Select – Now add options in a single select type column (e.g. drop downs) when you double click the cell of such column. Also, you will be able to see newly inserted/updated values through workflows in the list of options.
  • Builder
    • Import from Sheets – You can create a new screen by importing from an existing sheet. A control will be added on the screen basis the column type and name from the existing sheet.
    • Formula Modal – Now you can type formulas in Formula modal. Using this modal you can write formulas for multiple controls at a time.
    • Sheet mapping (binding) – New modal has been introduced to map existing columns and disable a control’s mapping with columns
  • DB
    • On Premises setup (clients can install the Studio DB in their premises and use studio)


  • Workflows

No need to use Double Curly braces {{}} & ” for Workflow Keywords in a Task’s formula. However, you still need to use {{}} for Workflow Keywords in Workflow Description, Task Name, Notification Title & Notification Messages.

Note – This change will affect your existing workflows if they have {{}} in Task’s formulas. You need modify the workflow and re-publish the app.

Current Value – It is used to perform any operation on existing value of the field under update. This is used in Update Task only.


  • Status App bug fixes

For the curious souls, here is a signup for early access to DronaHQ Low code platform . Please reach out to me if you would like to know anything specific on Low code/ No Code capability. 

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