September 28, 2022

New Controls, New platform updates, Multistep Auth, and more

New UI Controls

1. Advanced Dropdown Control

With this control, you can view much more details in the dropdown itself. Easily assign a color, image, icon, and prefix text to each option.

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2. Collapsible Menu

With this control, you can create several menu items along with child menus for each of them meaning that you can create multilevel menu items.

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Platform Updates

1. Autogenerate Forms

Creating forms made super easy. Now, autogenerate interactive forms by simply uploading a CSV, providing raw JSON data as an input, or selecting controls.

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2. Concurrent Access

No more overwriting issues with new concurrent access, support to transfer live edit rights.

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3. Chrome Extension

Now access all your apps with a chrome extension that makes you faster.

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4. Add external CSS to controls

With this property, one can imply exclusive CSS on controls. You can customize your control with CSS by selecting the correct class or id of the control.

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5. Multistep AUTH for REST APIs


Now provide two or more forms of authentication using new multistep authentication method.

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