August 11, 2021

New Chart Control, CouchDB & DynamoDB connectors

DronaHQ UpdatesThis month is all about data visualization. We introduce new charts control, new database connectors to build database apps, enhanced file upload and image controls.


Introducing New Charts Control

Visualization Charts

The easiest way to make sense of large data sets is through visualization – think charts, graphs, maps, instruments that help scan through and consume information to find patterns and insights. The new Chart control makes it easy to build, update, and consume your large data sets with mixed chart types, built-in aggregations, and support to take action like making an API request.

Powered by the open source Plotly library, developers can build complex visualizations using Plotly’s JSON schema format with a very flexible JSON layout editor.

Learn more about the Chart control >

New Database Connectors Released

 CouchDB Amazon DynamoDB DronaHQ Connectors

Amazon DynamoDB and CouchDB. You can now migrate data from these three new sources to all DronaHQ apps.

Start building Database GUIs >

New Timer Control Introduced

Timer Control

Entering the OTP, password, answer to a quiz – some frontend actions are performed better with a ticking timer by immediately locking focus on the task. Introducing timer control in DronaHQ. Set up formats, ticker intervals, and take actions when the timer starts, stops, or resets.

Here is how you use the Timer >



Whitelist File Upload Type: File Upload control now sports a whitelisted extensions box to define the valid file types, extensions and magic numbers. Learn more >

Base64 in Image Control: Image control in DronaHQ now supports Base64. Add a Base64 string to embed an image to your app. Learn more >

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