Webinar: Building Scalable Apps with Micro Service Architecture

In today's world where Software development is evolving and where deployments are increasingly cloud based and clients are increasingly mobile based, MicroServices is a trend to focus on. One of the major influences to microservice architecture is the mobile web and the proliferation of native mobile applications. Highlighting how microservice apps helps rollout complex apps with respect to time-to-market, security, ease of development. We will also shed light on best practices for Service discovery, API management & Hybrid Integration.

In this webinar we will discuss:

  • Why Micro Service Architecture is so important for crafting Mobile App Strategy.
  • Comparison of how complex apps built on MSA vs other approaches impact the business.
  • Why it’s becoming the new industry standard.
  • How to implement microservice based mobile apps with DronaHQ Platform
Date: Wednesday, 8th November, 2017
Time: 11:00 am (IST) (Multiple timing sessions)
Who should attend: Application Leaders, Enterprise App Architects, Business Unit Head, Enterprise App Developers.


Jinen Dedhia, Co-founder, DronaHQ

Jinen Co-founded DronaHQ in 2007 – an enterprise mobility platform company. He & his team worked with Tech & CIO teams across companies to build a full stack enterprise mobility product with focuses on providing high ROI while emphasising on usage. Jinen is Managing Director and also oversees market development, team building and overall operations of the company.

About DronaHQ Platform

DronaHQ is an enterprise mobile platform for building, distributing & managing apps. It is targeted for customers who are not only looking at building apps quickly but also looking at adoption & usage as key for its success. DronaHQ provides omni channel access to apps on all modern devices with its cross platform end point & a complete suite of on-premise tools like API gateway & secured app proxy. It comes with a unique JavaScript SDK on the developer tooling side to accelerate app development that lets packaged web apps to run on the DronaHQ runtime and delivers real-time application lifecycle management that bridges between legacy enterprise client-server apps to the mobile cloud era.


DronaHQ has been a proven and stable mobile platform of choice for many business leaders and CIOs with its efficient, comprehensive business solutions. Its customers include a range of industries, such as banking & financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, technology, FMCG & telecommunications with clients including Colgate, Kotak Securities Axis MF, Pfizer, Wipro, Future Group, Essar, Tata Motors.

About DronaHQ Platform

DronaHQ is an enterprise mobile platform for building, distributing & managing apps. It is targeted for customers who are not only looking at building apps quickly but also looking at adoption & usage as key for its success. DronaHQ provides omni channel access to apps on all modern devices with its cross platform end point & a complete suite of on-premise tools like API gateway & secured app proxy. It comes with a unique JavaScript SDK on the developer tooling side to accelerate app development that lets packaged web apps to run on the DronaHQ runtime and delivers real-time application lifecycle management that bridges between legacy enterprise client-server apps to the mobile cloud era.

DronaHQ has been a proven and stable mobile platform of choice for many business leaders and CIOs with its efficient, comprehensive business solutions. Its customers include a range of industries, such as banking & financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, technology, FMCG & telecommunications with clients including Colgate, Kotak Securities Axis MF, Pfizer, Wipro, Future Group, Essar, Tata Motors.

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